Wednesday, October 05, 2005


HEB highlighted this morning on as an, "under-the-radar bird flu play...their Ampligen vaccine enhances the effectiveness of Tamiflu against the avian flu."

Technically, HEB breaking out today on very heavy volume. Enough for me to add it to my avian flu basket. Speaking of which, NNVC has doubled in past week.



Anonymous said...

Drat! Once again I have been lax in visiting your site regularly.

Would you recommend that an investor who is not watching the charts regularly during market hours (in other words, me) gather the stocks you've named, put them in a basket, set a few stops, and hold from this point for days or longer, or would that be foolish?

Thanks for sharing your ideas on your blog.


A said...

As well as the basket has performed so far, I think it has a long, long way to go and have been adding shares myself this past week.


Anonymous said...

NNVC really looks interesting! You mentioned "market cap” in one of your previous post about NNVC. How much is it? Where does one find out that kind of information on this type of stocks? I’m totally new to this “OTC business thing” but this company may make me plunge right into it. Do you have any tips/links where one can start learning about OTC stocks.
PS. Other stocks to include in your basket could be PPHM and SIGA

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to contribute to a nano-list on this board. a list of smallcap 'nano-related' companies other than NNVC

XDSL.ob(insider buys, at 52 week lows, works with Lucent)
JMAR (insider buys, at 52 week lows, contracts with DoDefense)
RAR.V (very bullish 1 year chart, a lil too expensive for my tastes now though for just starting to make revenue on nano-materials)

not in any of these money-wise yet

Ranter said...

NNVC has 100 million shares outstanding, at 18 cents, the market cap is 18 million ...