Monday, October 17, 2005


Congrats to all who took the plunge, +300% and running!



Anonymous said...


I was just going to post, but I see you beat me and the rest of us to it. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

I took your advice--having read it, this time, before the market open--and didn't wait for an "expected pullback" before adding more to my basket.

Opportunities like these "flu picks" just can't come along that often, can they?

I didn't get in on NNVC, though, because I didn't do what it takes (i.e., look past msn or yahoo finance) to learn more about it. I have a policy which i usually am happy I follow--if I haven't seen its financials, I don't invest. Where can I find that info for NNVC? I didn't find their financials on their website when I checked.

One more question for today--does your last answer to my question re: waiting for pullback before adding to the basket apply even in nnvc's amazing case?



A said...

Where can I find that info for NNVC?

I got a call today from someone who bought NNVC at 18 cents and sold it all two days later at 25 cents. NNVC was now trading at 33 cents and I told him I would buy back in now and if it falls into the 20's again, buy more. My advice with NNVC now at 45 cents would be the same, only substitute 30's for 20's.