Saturday, January 03, 2009

Triangle Tutorial

I don't usually like to use canned videos from others on this blog, preferring instead to err on the side of original thought. Nonetheless, Market Club has just released this 5 minute video on how to use the Triangles for quick and easy "in the moment" trade selection. This is an excellent video, one of the better tutorials they have produced.

So let us begin the new year with a first, a new strategic video from Market Club that will in less then five minutes show how to use a day like last Friday's big rally to find real time trading ideas for the quick and nimble:

How to connect the market dots in 2009
One of the key components I look for is how a market closes on a Friday or the last trading day of the week. This is when traders have to decide what they want to do with their positions. It also tells you with a high degree of probability which way the market is headed for the upcoming week. I learned this trading secret on the floor of the exchange in Chicago and it is one I would like to share with you today. I feel that this technique has a lot of validity, particularly in light of today's volatile markets.

Enjoy the video.

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

Back to my usual home spun wisdom, observations and clarity on the markets, shortly.



Anonymous said...

Thx Allan
This is what was really missing me b4 market club committement.
I know i was trading blindly b4 that, but now after acquiring MC, i guess i would at least compensate the loss incurred from my previous trades.-

Anonymous said...

Where is the video that you talk about? The video posted is something about how to pick stocks in 2009 using marketclub. Thanks.