Sunday, January 04, 2009

Radioactive Stocks

Armageddon hit the uranium sector back in 2007, culminating in selling climaxes in the Autumn 2008 market crash where individual uranium stocks fell as much as 99% in price.

Where there is carnage, there is opportunity. Last week many uranium mining stocks popped anywhere from 15-50%. Bear market rally or start of a new bull market in uranium sector? Worst case, a bear market rally with gains in the triple digits from current levels. Best case? According to Jim Dines, these stocks are destined to revisit their 2007 highs. That would mean gains well over 1000% for many of the small cap uranium's.

Thus we have a trading premise that these stocks are in rally mode, short-term projections of 100% or more and if this rally is indeed the start of a climb to new highs, then projections exceed 1000% from current prices.

What sayeth the charts?

Here are three sets of charts, three each set for URRE, DNN, and URZ, all small cap uranium sector stocks, all down over 95% from their 2007 highs and all which have a minimum short term projection exceeding 200% higher from current levels. If the 2007 highs in these stocks are revisited, gains can be anywhere from 600% to 1700%.

By now all readers should be familiar with the format, meaning and use of these three chart templates. First chart is a Weekly Triangle analysis, second chart style is the Daily Triangle analysis and the third chart style for each stock is a more traditional bar chart with a breakout of longer-term trend channel and TA-based targets from current prices.




Finally, a recent article from Time, Nuclear's Comeback, presents the case for renewed interest in nuclear energy as a longer term answer for future energy needs. It's nice that there is a confirmatory fundamental argument to account for the coming-to-life of this sector, but as I hope you have come to realize by now, the charts tell all.



Anonymous said...

I grew up in a nuclear family, near the Nuclear plants in Idaho. My father was a Rad-Con Engineer. I am a firm beliver in Nuclear Energy! However, I don't hear much retoric from the new administration about nuclear's future. It is all about WIND, SOLAR,and HYDROGEN!! Can it really make a comeback, when it has been so demonized over the past decade!?

Chad Liddell said...

Hi Allan-

I spotted the same bottoming formations over the last few weeks and have been accumulating, already for significant gains on most of them. I'm in asxsf, ccj, sxrzf, frg, chxmf, cxz, urz, mwsnf, urcff, pnpff, upcff, and mgaff. I'm toiling with taking profits as rsi 2 is crazy high on most of them. How confident do you feel that the current prices are just a start rather than a short term peak? Thanks Allan, as always, great blog.

Anonymous said...

I recall reading an article where S. Korea was going to build 12 nuclear reactors. Anyone else read the same?

Anonymous said...

I am building a reactor myself. I own 44 acres in rural MD and should compete it by the end of the first quarter 2009.

Good tax break and free energy.

- Kick

Anonymous said...


URRE pulled back to 50-day EMA. Good place to start a position?

- Hart

Anonymous said...

Epic battle *lol* going on at 80c support for URRE.