Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tale of two charts

90 Minute Chart

Daily Chart & Target



Anonymous said...

what are your comments on the charts?

Allan said...

Scroll down to Monday, January 19th, same pattern, same outcome.

Michael Lomker said...

Look out below.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that count.

The market is grinding lower. The last drive to a low dropped the Dow 2100 points in 13 days. We are down about 1100 pts in the 11 days since the 4th wave high, so the rate of desent lower.

The government is trying to put a floor on the market, showing a willingness to buy companies and their preferred stocks and dropping interest rates to zero. We are also at the same price level we were 3 months ago.

If it wasn't for that, we'd be much lower. The US Treasury/ Fed is a big player.

How about March Crude?

My target is the early Jan high of $54.75. I like it, and the rally will pick up steam after CLH penetrates $48.77 or the 61.8% retracement of the past 2 week decline.


Anonymous said...


its happening!!

even in this market crash, stem cell stocks are moving up.
ACTC is holding at 0.14.
in your analysis you had a short term target at .25-.30, do you think that is low now??


Allan said...

Up 65% in a couple of weeks in a horrible bear market, thanks again for bringing this gem to my attention. My short term price objective is still 25-30 cents, but ask me again at 0.20, we may have some fresh targets.

Steve said...

Hi Allan,
Are you still in TGB and what are your thoughts there if so? NNVC also hanging in nicely in this bear.

Allan said...

Steve: Still in TGB here, remember its part of my basket of hedges against my massive short positions. As for NNVC, some day you will barely remember when this stock was under $5.00.

Anonymous said...

no need for thanks.
you gave me NNVC few years back. just trying to pay you back!!

ACTC @ 0.16 , getting close to your 0.20.

hang on!!


Anonymous said...

This week I'm liken my GLD shares purchased on Tuesday. Up over nine bucks each so far and climbing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allan, what is it about NNVC technology that gives you the strong confidence in it that you so adamantly hold to? I mean, I've read a whole bunch about what they do, but I certainly can't exude the confidence in it's LT prospects. So what gives you that overwhelming confidence? Have you met management?

Anonymous said...

The above question is a good one. Could you expand? Much obliged.

Allan said...

Yes, I have talked with management. Everything I know is posted here on my blog. Just do a search for NNVC and you'll get every post in the past five years.

Would you prefer I research them myself, pick out the salient points, and post a nice tidy recap? Is that how you got through college? It's a sure "C", for most classes. Try it my way (research my posts yourself) and shoot for that elusive "A". Remember, its not the destination, it's the journey.