Monday, December 01, 2008

NNVC - News

"We are very excited to study the effectiveness of nanoviricides against the most current strains of H5N1 in animal models,” said lead AFIP scientist Dr. Mina Izadjoo.

AFID = Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

Dr. Mina Izadjoo = Publications

H5N1 = Bird Flu

"Very Excited" = $80B = Market for the company that cures common influenza

The Company is developing anti-influenza drugs under the brand names FluCide™, and FluCide-HP™. FluCide is a broad-spectrum nanoviricide that mimics sialic acid, and therefore no influenza viruses (including bird flu) can escape it, no matter how much they mutate, say the Company scientists. FluCide-HP is expected to be more effective against all highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) viruses than is FluCide, according to the Company’s proprietary data. Any of the HPAI viruses may cause a potential pandemic, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The most prevalent current HPAI virus is H5N1.

120MM = Outstanding Shares of NNVC

$80B/$120M = Hold these shares tightly



Anonymous said...

so you're assuming that not only will the drug work, get approval, and gain market acceptance, but also that they will capture 100% of the market?

no dice.

Allan said...

If it will make you feel better, divide by 10, which allows for a 10% market penetration. Oh, now we have to multiply by 10 again to account for the nine other promising uses of the patented technology. Guess what, we are back where we began. Care to roll again?

Anonymous said...

I have been following your dialogue on NNVC for a quite awhile but this seems to good to be true. Why hasn't private equity or a major pharma swooped in on this? Are there presently any institutional owners of the stock? If one has time a corollary company to compare to would be Celgene when it was in the pennies as far as how it evolved.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you are right about NNVC; time will tell. However, I (and many others) do appreciate all of the information you share here. It is my hope that your kindness will come back to you tenfold.


Allan said...

Paul: as with any start-up, there is always that initial period before discovery, where only a few "believers" hold the shares. the deals and institutional ownership come eventually, and those handful of believers are the big, big winners. Rarely in my 40 years of investing have I been afforded an opportunity like NNVC. Yes, I am shouting it from the rooftops, because I too have an ego. Wealth and fame have their own just rewards and I don't mind being among the first in line.


Anonymous said...

To All:

As you know I called Monday's Market Crash on Friday and told everyone to "load up" on NASDAQ puts as you recall. I bought 2000 myself.

Ready to subscribe?

Mr. Joshua

Anonymous said...

got any site where i can have real time quote for nnvc?
the platform i'm at is not offering real time for nnvc.

Allan said...

Seems like most brokerage accounts give away free real time quotes these days, all mine do so there is no need to look elsewhere.

Singlengle said...

seems like its getting hard to hold this thing down. :)

Anonymous said...

The company is a long way from having anything on the market. Call me when it's a couple years from that.

Allan said...

I'll need your phone number.