Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Triangle Signals

Two notable Triangle signals:

NNVC - BUY on Daily Chart
QQQQ - SELL on Weekly Chart

Both of these signals have proven very profitable in the past, but as they say in the Madoff penthouse, past performance is no guarantee of future success.





Singlengle said...

Looks like NNVC is ready for the new year where the market itself has a ways to go.

Anonymous said...

I don't like changing the subject topic, but how about Northfield Labs (NFLD)? ...Just acceptanced by the FDA for testing of PolyHeme, a red blood cell substitute. Stock jumped 146% today, which I'd think would settle down Friday or next week, but has some serious upside given the issues this development may aid. Maybe next week or the week after when the price self-adjusts to a norm this may be a great-cheap buy to hold for a while.

This is way better/more important than the knee pain treatment bubble!

-PSU Eric

in the mountains said...

"as they say in the Madoff penthouse"--very funny. thanks for the laugh. And thanks for posting the signals.

in the mountains said...

where can I find out more about your "triangle system"?

thanks in advance.

Allan said...

in the mountains: there are two ways, you can do a search of this blog for "triangle trading", but it may be more efficient to simply click on the "Market Club" icon in the right hand column, just above the "Donate" link.

Market Club has embedded the Triangle Trading System into their browser-based charting template, making it very easy to trade and follow the system. It's the Market Club charts that you see posted to illustrate the Triangle System signals.

Allan said...

Eric: I'll take a look at NFLD, but understand that NNVC is a very special situation that transcends market directional considerations and not so much an admiration of the Biotechnology sector.