Friday, November 30, 2007


Some readers have posted under the latest NNVC thread that not all my stocks go up and stay up and I have been somewhat derelict in posting when profits should have been taken on these trading ideas. Ergo the title of this Blog and some thoughts on the matter.

If you want me to do all the work, pay me. Either give me limited trading authority on your accounts and compensate me in some manner or another, or find the administrator of my hedge fund and look into what it takes to get accepted as an investor.

The only other way is to make this a pay site. I have resisted this path from the beginning, based on premise that my ideas are so good, I can give them away free, no strings attached and we all make money.

Profitable trading is a very difficult business, even in bull markets. My skills have been honed over 30 years of trial and error. What remains standing is a remarkable knack for coming out ahead, year after year. Some trades don't work, some months lose money. But the winners more then make up for it.

Getting back to my point, if you want me to take your hand and lead you through each and every trade, I'm ready, willing and able to do it. Managed accounts, hedge funds, or pay-for-view blogs. If you want it all for free, you're dreaming.

Professor James V. McConnell at the University of Michigan taught me behavioral science. Day one, lecture one, the Law of TANSTAAFL:




Dave said...

don't listen to those whiners, if they cannot take control of their own investments, they need to turn it over to a mutual fund and just go back to the 9-5.

WillJ said...

i can't believe some people, they get great advice for free and they always want more, lol