Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Our Next Killing"

In a special Interim Warning Bulletin this morning, Jim Dines had the following words for his The Dines Letter subscribers:

"As we have pondered how to lead our loyal, long-term TDLrs
toward our next "killing," our gaze has turned to something
important that has just happened. Very important. Profoundly

"Silver has just made an Upside Breakout above $15/oz.
Not everybody will recognize the importance of silver's Upside
Breakout, for which we have been patiently watching like a cat
outside a mouse's hole."

We've made a lot of money off of Jim Dines over the past few years and I suspect this shot across the bow will result in more of the same.



satbir said...

Hi Allan,
Are there any particular trading vehicles that you would recommend for trading silver (any particular options, etf's) ? I don't have access to a commodity trading account thus am trying to figure out what else one can buy to trade silver. thanks, Satbir

Allan said...


The symbol for the Silver ETF is SLV. What you might want to do is use the ETF to anchor your silver exposure, but then look to individual stocks that make up the ETF and buy some out of the money, six month calls on those individual stocks. There are no options on the SLV.

There are options on the XAU, Gold & Silver Index, but they are very pricey in terms of premium, especially going out in time.


Anonymous said...

slv looks like it made an "island top"

commercial traders are heavily shorting silver

somebody is wrong! It may be Dines.