Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jim Cramer, October 31, 2007

"Buy, Buy, Buy!"


John said...

In all fairness to flopped predictions and timings, Gravitas is long as well.

Allan said...

John, here is the difference:

(1) Gravitas was Short into Nov 7th;

(2) Gravitas doesn't have it's own TV show;

(3) Cramer is a fraud and CNBC refuses to expose him, his ratings are too lucrative, so what does that tell us all about CNBC?


EC said...

Another difference,

3/4 times you will make money with Gravitas' signals.

Anonymous said...

I agree that gravitas is a great timer service.

I wonder what folks thoughts are regarding this intermediate period being a several month top and if so whether this start of a bounce is likely to run into EOX Friday or stop short? Max pain is way above us at 1525 SPX, but wave counts may have us fall short.

A comment from another tide analyst: short term tides have a low here (11/8-9) then up next week to
Thursday, 11/14 and a sharp sell-off on Friday, bounce Monday-Tuesday
and then down to 11/23 earliest.


Greg said...

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