Thursday, December 21, 2006


NTRZ was a pick from, a service I highlighted a few weeks ago, here. It was first brought to attention on Dec 12th as a "Stock to Watch", closing price $2.45. The on Monday Dec 18th Muathe sent out an Intra-day alert that NTRZ was breaking out, closing price that day was $2.45.

NTRZ hit $2.74 today. That's 11.8% from a $2.45 entry. But more meaningfully, as Eric Muathe points out repeatedly on his charts, the chart pattern is his standard breakout type set-up. This is why I like the service, its not just a source of trading ideas, it is a source of education on chart patterns, and one in particular that shows up again and again in the huge triple digit winners over the years. NTRZ may or may not become one of those, but even when using his recommended 5-10% stop, it is likely this pattern will catch enough of these doublers and triplers to make the effort worthwhile.

Someone sent me an email a while back, accusing me of being nothing but a shill. In the case of, a compliment.



Anonymous said...

hi A
what stock would you rather own?
mkt cap 222M
total cash= 11.5M
debt= n/a


mkt cap 409M
total cash= 654K
debt= 19.7M

I dont know the debt of rgr, these figures are from yahoo.
Insiders are buying swch. Does it make sense to buy a company with that much debt?
please advise

fish747 said...

Hi Allan,

Thanks for the tip on Muathe. Very interesting. He is using a very specific technical system that appears to work quite effectively.

On another note, I noticed that NNVC is starting to creep back down to cheap prices. Are you considering scooping up another batch or have you given up on these guys?

Thanks for your comments, your site is great.


Allan said...

Mark, I bought a lot of NNVC in the 10-12 cents range and sold about 1/3 of it well above $2.00. So I'm already way ahead, and am just holding what's left, although like many of NNVC's shareholders, am very disappointed in the progress they are not making off the pink sheets.