Thursday, December 28, 2006

Uranium Picks

We've bought a few uranium picks based on the very bullish uranium analysis of Jim Dines. You can see my recent Blogs on this here. A couple picks that have done very well have been PNP.TO and FRG. I don't usually like to buy stocks that have "dot_extentions", but Pinetree Capital, PNP.TO has been an excellent pick.

What to do now?

In his last two issues of The Dines Report, Jim Dines devoted most of the editorial content to making the case that the bull market in uranium stocks is still ahead, not behind. In particular, he likes, among others, these two stocks, FRG and PNP.TO.

So I'm holding tight, will add more on any drops and am basically following Dines into this sector, which he thinks is THE sector for the new year.


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Anonymous said...

Fronteer Development Group (FRG) has done very well with the run-up of uranium stock.

I bought FRG two years ago, more for their gold play in Turkey, which has been very active & gets lots of press.

FRG recently spun of Aurora Energy Resources (AXU.TO) into a public company which is a pure uranium play in Labrador.

FRG is also involved in a joint uranium venture with Altius Minerals (ALS-TSXV) also in Labrador.