Monday, February 27, 2006


This is why you should read the "Comments" to these blogs.

From my February 1st, "A Plan for All Seasons" where I recommended AGT at 37c, currently 59c:

How do you find the stocks that you recommend?

Do you mean like Apollo Gold (AGT)? In this case, Don Wolanchuk suggested it as,

"gold stock to buy now....37c....agt.....nice runnup and 3 wave pull back...."

I looked at AGT, liked the chart, the price, the company and sector and bought it. The idea is to be constantly on the look-out for interesting ideas. As I have so often repeated on this blog, a good starting point is insider buying. It also pays to keep track of what smart guys like Wolanchuk and Dines are doing. The Internet is a great tool, access to unlimited information at your fingertips. And time, spending a lot of time looking, searching, reading and thinkin'. One last pointer: 99% all my stock ideas never make it to my portfolio. Doesn't matter as only the 1% that does is AGT, or an NNVC. Put your best players on the floor, in the field, or on the ice. Then sit back and enjoy the game.



Ronny said...

Hi Allan,congratulations on your great start to the year.Can you elaborate how you control and manage your risk? Do you have any money management rules? Do you separate your day trading and position trading accounts?

Allan said...

Hi Ron, Thanks for the thumbs-up. I manage risk and money management with simple, arbitary dollar amounts, i.e. on a daytrade I may risk only $ system is 95% right from the beginning if its going to work, so any drawdown is unexpected and a red flag, so I am out of there rather quickly. Longer term trades are managed titally differently, usually with chart patterns that are broken, too complicated to explain in this brief response.

As for my accounts, one is dedicated to daytrading only and one is a mix of B&H, medium-term and daytrades.

Hope this helps.


joe said...

Hey Allan, Your ideas are working for me. Thanks so much! My "All Allan" portfolio started in Nov. 05 has nearly doubled. I hope you will soon offer a fee based subscription service. If so, please reserve Subscriber Number 001 for me. I want and need to learn more. My check is in the envelope and ready to go. In the meantime I read your archives. Warmest regards from NYC, Joe

curt504 said...

Allan, Your 95% correct trade stat is amazing. I'm always in learning mode. Might you describe your trade entry strategy and tactics?


Just my feeling, I'm not inclined to hold NVAX through the earnings call. I feel the risk is way too high. Even if longs want to hold Thursday the MMs may want to gap down and shake the tree if only because _they can_.

Any opinions?


Allan said...

curt - can't provide details here, only a few can fit through the door at the same time and I'm not looking for a lot of company right now; as for NVAX, up another 5% this morning (Tuesday).


Allan said...

joe - "those that can, do, those that can't, sell newsletters"......let's keep making money on the picks.


Anonymous said...

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