Sunday, February 05, 2006

Notable Quotables

Louis Navellier:

"If we can achieve returns in excess of 20% when the market has a value basis, then how much can we earn during a growth market? Frankly, if I don't earn at least 60% this year thanks to Wall Street's shift to growth, I'll be very disappointed."

"The bottom line is that now that the bias on Wall Street has shifted from value to growth, the flow of funds into growth stocks will help propel the average growth stock much higher. This bias towards growth or value typically lasts three to five years. Now that the bias has definitely shifted to growth, the outlook for growth stock investing is incredibly positive for our Emerging Growth stocks."

James Dines:

"How much longer will the uranium boom go on? Nobody knows the future for sure but, using our methods (especially reversing our position by the time everybody agrees with us, because we need to 'look wrong' to be right, as per Dinesism #27), we note that there has yet to be announced the construction of even a single new nuclear-power reactor in the United States of America even as other nations worldwide scramble to commence building them! It sure seems to us it's early in the uranium bull market."

Don Wolanchuk:

"Initial target for silver is sooooooo simple....simply draw a line off the highs of august 1993 and feb 1998.......its around 12bux"

David Gordon:

"Who is it that sells Google/GOOG that should cause such a sudden and ferocious decline? Each constituency has primacy at any given moment, and this decline has traders (shortest time frame, in my denotation) written all over it. So they will also cause the subsequent bounce when it occurs. (Soon, at its current pace of decline.) But they will be joined by investors -- yes, by such as me -- who have patiently awaited the correct moment (low risk, high reward) to purchase more shares. An initial bounce could occur off support at ~$358, with more support at $330, as mentioned previously."

Harry Dent:

"...We expect stocks to rally despite a slowing economy, as they are undervalued and there is nowhere else for investment dollars to flow, especially with flat housing prices and long-term interest rates that can only trend upward from here. The biggest obstacles to stocks continue to be oil and commodity prices from rising international demand and the Middle East and international tensions that are creating an additional premium for risk."



curt504 said...

Hi Allan,

I hold two golds, auy, tre and am open to another. I looked at agt's key stats and 80% yoy growth of course is good. MRB is 485% yoy growth. USGL has no posted yoy growth yet PPS (3 month chart) is looking better than most golds.

I've not mentioned tons of proven reserves etc probably the most important comparison. Allan how did you compare and choose the best growth play and buy Apollo?

Tnx, curt

Allan said...

Allan how did you compare and choose the best growth play and buy Apollo?

I stole the idea from Don Wolanchuk.


Anonymous said...


XDSL? Has there been any news recently that would cause the stock to plunge today, or is this just normal market activity?

Thanks Again!


Allan said...

These things spike and plunge for no apparent reason whatsoever---remember, its story stock and the story has yet to be told---that's a spike we are all waiting for.


Ronny said...

Allan,do you still trade Navallier's picks for their short term pop?

Allan said...

Ronny, yes and in a big way. Had 5 out of 6 winners from Emerging Growth today.