Friday, June 18, 2010

A Gold & Silver Basket

In late 2009 I wrote a piece on Gold, highlighting two promising gold stocks, ANV and SWC:  

Since that write-up, ANV went from $9 to over $20, while SWC went from $7 to over $13.

I wasn't utilizing the Trend Models back then, not like I am now, but those two stocks have clearly been huge winners in mega long term trends.   We know from the Trend Tables that gold and silver trend well, especially in longer-term models.  We can glean from the performance of these two stocks that applying trend analysis to individual gold and silver stocks can produce some nicely out sized gains.

 In January, 2009 I wrote up TGB @ $1.  It ran to over $6:

The more I think about a Gold & Silver Basket to complement the Trend Models, the more appealing the idea becomes to me.  While waiting for Armageddon to arrive to the stock market, this could very well be an excellent sector to generate solid returns.  I hope to get started on the basket in this coming subscriber Weekend Update.



Anonymous said...

When you mentioned TGB at that time was at ground level now with ANV and SWC perhaps we are at the pinnacle

A said...

You make a very good point. I am bothered by all of the bullish sentiment surrounding this move up in gold, but for that matter, so are all the other gold bulls. So maybe its different this time?

The whole premise behind trend following is to eliminate everything from consideration except for current price and current price trends. That is what my ATR-based Trend Model does and it has earned our respect time and time again.

The risk here is defined, gold cannot drop too far without the models flipping and we are out. Defined risk, unlimited reward. I can live with that.


ken said...

two gold and copper micros if you want to take a look WOLV and KATX

Anonymous said...

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rob g said...

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