Thursday, June 03, 2010

Trend Table - excerpt

Below is an excerpt from my nightly Trend Table update.  There are ten stocks shown below (out of about 50 covered), each with it's current TREND POSITION, followed by the ENTRY price (close of day), then its CURRENT PRICE  and finally the price at which it's current trend will REVERSE:

X Daily Trend Model


Anonymous said...

Looking at X, at what point in time would we want to see this as a possible sideways range zone ?

Anonymous said...

This is a great chart to show how the system captures the trend direction...not the exact bottoms and tops...but the heart of the move.
very good.

Do you have other stocks that didnt work as easily as this one? or is the system working this well with everything.

A said...

It's not perfect, if that is what you are asking, but it works very well.

Anonymous said...

not impressive. a common and free indicator would have got me in on 4/5 or 4/6. candleticks would have got me in on 4/7. my simple method produces more profits.

A said...

Re: not impressive

You are truly blessed, congratulations! How great is it to make a living off of these financial markets and to be able to trade your way to wealth and prosperity?

I chose to share my discovery with my readers and although you are under no obligation to do so, it would be the karma thing to do. You might want to come out from under the "Anonymous" moniker as well, you deserve to be identified and credited with your remarkable achievement.

Even if you don't, I wish you all the success in the world and thank you for sharing your wonderful results with the rest of us.