Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I sent this out to my subscribers yesterday, here it is with updated charts:

A couple of encouraging NNVC charts.  First, the 480 minute which is LONG.  This is an excellent proxy for the Daily chart, a little more sensitive and usually a precursor for the Daily Model flipping. Second, the Daily chart, which although still bearish, when looked at with the 480 minute chart, can be considered very much in Pending BUY mode.

And one more that I have been watching, for traders only, the NNVC Hourly Model:



A said...

Right on cue, NNVC is printing $1.87 which is the LONG re-entry level for the Daily Trend Model.

Anonymous said...

looking for what near target?

Anonymous said...

Near Target:
Check comments from 6/14 attached to the UNG post; Allan provides the target here. If you read each post carefully and read ALL the comments you can find a lots of answers and a lot of other good stuff. Allan provides this for free; all readers need to do is read what's here and do your own due diligence.
I aven't found any other free blog this valuable. You might try subscribing.

Anonymous said...

It popped at 1.60

resistance at 2.00

I'd wait for the next pullback,myself,maybe to the 1.75 area before going long on it....from a trader outlook.

but thats jus me.

Anonymous said...

thursday open....NNVC
here comes the pullback.....dont panic

watch for support to hold in the 1.75 area
might take all day and into tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I'm under the impression that Seaside could be pumping up the price and then dump shares. I'm long on NNVC and I'm hoping this is not a pump and dump scheme.

Anonymous said...

I get the same pump and dump impression, given the price history of this stock. Looks like a dump day so far.

t said...

I hope you might find my comment useful.

If youre concerned that NNVC is not a winning company doing breakthrough research ,and you suspect that it might be just a pump and dump junk stock, you really owe it to yourself to subscribe to a priemium newsletter like Patrick Cox's Breakthrough Technology (from Agora).
The analysis and perspective is literally worth its weight in gold.

I am a subscriber, no I'm not an agora sales rep,but I know good analysis when I see it .
I am fully confident in the legitimacy of NNVC,but dont take my word for it,research it yourself.

ANY basic examination of NNVC that includes the opinions of the world's most advanced scientists familiar with the research, etc...all part of Patrick Cox's newsletter reports, I dont think you would have such a negative concern about NNVC.
All the essential details and substance of NNVC's story is reported here by Allan,and concurs with P.Cox in his newsletter.

If you invest many thousands of $$ in the stock market, the newsletter subscription is an essential investment tool.

Otherwise, you may always be in the dark of uncertainty.

the stock market by its nature is fraught with constant uncertainties,about stock values, market direction, etc....
But at some point some things become certain.

I feel certain NNVC is a winner.
I think you would too if you knew enough about the fundamental story.

Hard to imagine you still dont know the story,since Allan has documented it here in complete detail. yikes. some people may just be permanent disbelievers no matter what....

Singlengle said...


as a long time reader I appreciate your thoughts. Wonder what you think about ACTC since they have recently been approved for federal funding, Recently approved patents, and recieved IND.

Personally waiting for some exposure already says to me to buy, wonder what you think


Anonymous said...

T what does Patrick Cox say about AEZS?

Anonymous said...

Allan you tout NNVC a lot, do you have any connections with this company? any family or friends that work for them?

A said...

Here is a link to my original post on NNVC where I disclose everything: