Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mysterious inexplicable coincidence

Below is a six month view of NNVC with the Daily Trend Model, Elliott Wave and a couple of Trend Regression Channels imposed upon prices.  The larger channel is of Primary degree up from the inception of this latest uptrend from last November's low and a smaller one of Major degree that contained the most recent sell-off.

There is a lot to take in on this chart, but notice how three of the Daily Trend Model LONG signals come in right at the larger Trend Regression Channel, including the most recent LONG signal on June 16.  There is something eloquent about this symmetry, although I don't really understand the how or why of it, or, if it is merely another reminder of our respective paths in life;  mysterious, inexplicable, coincidence. 



Anonymous said...

Allan, what is the w5 target on nnvc?


Anonymous said...

On a sizeable down day for my portfolio dominated by miners and oilers,and even the biotechs,down today....only one stock saved the day,and that was NNVC.

Allan,you said a casual comment last week or so, about an alternative strategy to being involved in the craziness of playing this market....you said just own NNVC and nothing else.

Today showed me that comment was not without merit.

Anonymous said...


What's the short term target, or w5 target?



A said...

Re: targets

Above $2.60