Tuesday, June 08, 2010

ETF Trends

Last week I posted examples of the Stock Trend Tables.  Below is my ETF Trend Table, although I've omitted the Reversal levels in deference to my subscribers who are paying for that information.  Again, you won't find perfection, but you will find some damn good trading:

Disclaimer:  Or you can just buy NNVC and go do something else for a couple of years.


Anonymous said...

yes...I'm beginning to like that idea about NNVC more and more.

...havent played any golf all year.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I am counting on NNVC to fund my retirement. And to help me live long enough to get there.

Anonymous said...

put:call chart

Job 17:15 (i.e., despair)

put/call ratio spikes Monday in a such a way that has usually preceded previous rallies in SMkt. Hmmm.

Vengaboys - Up & Down

Anonymous said...

What do your charts say about the market? Are we bottoming or are we in for more downside?

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
I was just wondering about some of your stock recommendations over the past few months. I have continued to get burned by almost all of them. I know as a subscriber that it is my fault for not exiting them due to their trends and I can accept that. However, it seems to me from following your emails to us and your blog that most of your recommendations do have a short run up followed by deep, deep declines.

Yet, in almost every case you paint a really healthy picture of the entire companies future. Specifically, GNVC, RVMIF, AEZS, MRNA, CVM, CGEN.

I guess my question is, are your picks really just short term trend plays for us to get in and get out or are the companies really worth holding longer term. It seems like you recommend a stock, it has a short little run up, a deep decline and then we never hear about it again from you. Like I said, I am not playing the blame game, I just am curious about how far you seem to "hype" a stocks longer term worth when really it seems like they are mostly just quick momentum plays. Do you have any thoughts on the future of some of the companies I mentioned above? Should I finally just learn my lesson and take the huge losses or are they worth waiting for? Obviously, I am a novice and I am looking for direction. Thanks

A said...

All of the companies I highlight have a story that makes them compelling speculations longer term. But we are here to make money, not make intellectual points identifying super stocks for the long haul. Trends must be BULLISH to justify holding anything.

We also have entered into a tailspin in stocks prices that is taking no prisoners. So whatever losses are incurred in the handful of longs I have highlighted should be dwarfed by gains made in the various inverse ETF's that have been gangbusters to the downside. If that is not what is happening to your account, then as a subscriber take advantage of my open-door policy of emailing me for specific ideas and suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Allan. That makes sense. I think I have been too greedy thinking that some of these recommendations are going to be home runs and have lost sight of taking decent profits and protecting my accounts.

Hopefully, I will learn from my mistakes. My down fall was taking a 100% profit in GFRE early and then watching it really take off. This led me to think that your other recommendations would do the same. Obviously, I need to be more disciplined and, as you say, "respect the trends".

One more question, When we get a good stock pick from you and it goes up, other than just taking a predetermined profit, what can help us to avoid just riding it down to the sell trend and missing out on a major profit? For example, GFRE kept going up and up and I finally took a profit, then watched it really take off. I missed a huge rise but was afraid of just riding it back down to a sell trend. Any advise?

I am sure most of your readers are shaking their heads and laughing at me for being so inexperienced, however, I am trying to learn. I guess it is guys like me that help people like you and most of your readers make money.

Anonymous said...

Whoa there. Where did you read that most of the readers here make money? 95% 0r something of all traders lose in a downturn like this. Anyone really listening was fully short last night and has the same headache that I do this thur am. Also 95% probably hate telling about their losses. You're not alone, and no-one is to blame unless there are fed. desperate manipulators of the news as some think.