Friday, August 10, 2007

Xyber9 (aka Gravitas)

After weathering a drawdown, the Xyber9 short trade entered on 8/3 moved significantly into the money on Thursday's market action. Those of you who have been critical of this methodology, please take note. Over this weekend I hope to write a more complete Blog on Xyber9 performance. Out of respect to current paid subscribers of the service, no further details until then.



Anonymous said...


I am new to your blog and glad to discover it through Gilder Tech Forum. By going through it, I have have learned way more than reading Taylor's book. I guess, lot of hard earned experience (and that spreadsheet) from your side was helpful. Thanks!

Have not subscribed to system due to cost and my experience/ discipline level (low-to-moderate)in trading according to this system.

Your comment about the system being like a map and we still need a execution plan is well taken.

Looking forward to your insights.


Anonymous said...

Is it Xyber9? I'm calling it "Xyberbnaut."


Anonymous said...

Another conservative way to use Xyber9 forecasts would be to purchase SDS on the down cycle and purchase SSO on the uptrend. This can be used with the weekly and quarterly forecasts quite profitably. This doubles your return with the S&P 500 in both directions.