Monday, August 13, 2007

Cramer Update

I couldn't resist:


S&P 500..........+3.26%
Jim Cramer:......-0.10%

He is actually underwater, losing money, no profits for sick kids because Mr. Booyah is so damn smart.

Come-on CNBC, how about a little truth in advertising?



Anonymous said...

Wow. That is lousy esp. in a big bull year for the stock market.

Has anyone written to CNBC about this? What do they say? For that matter, how does Cramer defend his own record?

Southern Greece

Allan said...


I sent a link to both of my recent Cramer Blogs to all the email addresses I could find at the CNBC site, also sent links to Mark Hulbert, Herb Greenberg, and to all the Fox business shows. It seems to me someone, some "journalist" at least, would be curious enough to expose Cramer for the stock-picking fraud that he is.