Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jim Cramer's Truth

By now everyone has seen the CNBC spot where Jim Cramer lost it railing against the Fed for, "Not getting it," as his hedge fund friends go under one by one. Time to update our Jim Cramer scorecard.

How has Cramer's Action Alerts portfolio done year-to-date when compared to the S&P 500 index?

Year-to-date, 2007:

S&P 500 Index = +4.49%
Jim Cramer's AA portfolio = +2.26%

He is doing about half as well as a simple index fund. At least he isn't losing money.....that is, if we can trust his computations. He wouldn't be fudging on his entries and exits, would he?



Anonymous said...

Allan,do you trade any of Ceramer's picks for a quick pop?

Allan said...


Sometimes Cramer can move a stock, especially if it is a new addition to his portfolio. Those pops are usually short-lived, tricky trades.

He gives his profits from the AA portfolio to charity, including the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer. Give him credit for that. But, if he put his portfolio into an index fund instead of his own stock picks, he would have twice as much to give to those sick kids.


Harry said...

An update on Creamer. From The Big Picture is his appearance on the Colbert Show.

It seems he has forgotten his friends in the industry, and is more concerned with the 7 million who have lost/will lose their homes.


Anonymous said...

Cramer was fired from Goldman b/c he was "a terrible trader with a big ego and a bigger mouth". If Cramer was half of what he claims to be in terms of trading, he would not be pissing his time away on CNBC doing a stupid show with even more stupid sound effects. He reminds of those guys who show up after midnight who want you to buy their "Get Rich Quick System".