Thursday, July 12, 2007


TGB and PWER are a couple of low-priced picks that are working and continue to look attractive at current levels.

TGB was a Muathe pick on July 3rd, up about 15% in two weeks;

PWER was an I-Buy pick from early June, up about 20% and looking ready to break-out if it takes out it's June high of $4.40.

Gravitas now in Buy mode.



Anonymous said...


I am the Anonymous poster who keeps buying in and out on ARWR AND LNOP. I have been looking at jumping in on DVW. It looks to me like a lote of insider purchases. I know you like it when you see alot of insider purchases...I just was curious if you would consider these purchases are substantial enough to follow them. THANKS for your advice.

Anonymous said...

Allen,I am very disappointed with Eric Muathe,his breakout stocks are not working out,and he recommends ton of stocks to watch,witch I don't have enough money to buy them all.We are in a bull market and small winners are easy to come.

Allan said...

Re: DVW - I see the I-Buys, not that impressive;

Re: Muathe - I only buy Muathe picks that go up, i.e. they continue to rise after appearing on his lists, simple but effective.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts on DVW! I'll wait for something more impressive!

Anonymous said...

I have lost a lot of money on the Muathe picks because of the recommended 5% stop - but I suppose that saves some money too.

Do you have an exit strategy or target after selecting stocks that continue to go up? They all look extended by the time they continue to go up.