Sunday, July 29, 2007


Over the past 48 hours, my dot mac email account was hijacked by a scam called Volkswagon Automobile Lottery Promo out of the United Kingdom. No emails sent to me at my apharris email account have gotten through. It has all now been fixed and my email account is working properly.



Anonymous said...

Gee wiz Allan, I never knew you were accessible by mail. I would have sent you a post card, at the very least. Shouda, wouda, couda, if only I had known? Give us a PO Box or some idea of where to send something to show our gratitude. After all, you have given so much, and we have given so little. Warm regards, Joe-NYC

Allan said...


Thanks for the compliment. Apart from public thanks, some of my readers have sent me books, wine and chocolate. Very cool. Don't think I want to publish my home address here though, so you would have to send me a private email.