Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Robert Taylor, whose discoveries of market timing cycles I have been referring to here as Gravitas, has opened a new web site documenting his methodology:


Well worth spending some time taking it all in.

Gravitas remains Short a few more days.



Anonymous said...

I Just bought big back into ARWR. Its close to the bottom of its range.
hopefully it does not go straight to zero this time, LOL. I bought GSS...atleast it hasn't dropped big today, like some of my other stocks....I shoul dbe completely out of the marke tuntil Gravitas says otherwise...

Allan said...

TGB won the race to $5; PWER and GSS still lagging.


Anonymous said...

The new taylor site is increadible. I agree it makes sense to show the most recent turn, but not the end point as a sales and info tactic!!

Great site!

I sold my short at support SPY cash 1514. Another cycle technology has 7/25-27 to be this leg low, where I'll go long. I suspect this lines up with Taylors turn point to go long. Full moon is 7/29, high tide is 8/1. BTW the next leg up is a bull trap to 8/3 with a big down to 8/8 bottom, then strong up from there. Check out yahoo group: TimeandCycles.

Thanks Allan and best of luck, curt

Anonymous said...

Allan,I notice a lot of insider buys on CAMP.Do you like it as a short term trade?

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly A:

I just stopped by your site and see you are back in action.

Great to see and now I will make a point of checking in frequently again.

Reading a book called "High Probability Trading" by Marcel Link, I recommend it to any of your readers who are looking for some trading coaching.


ali said...

Allan, GSS, TGB, and PWER have done great since you mentioned them. Nice work!

Presently I own none of them. What would you advise. Also note that PWER is having its conference call tomorrow at 5pm.

Do you feel PWER has failed? It has dropped back through $4.40, but hasn't breached $4 and has fallen on unremarkable volume. Specifically, how safe (or smart) would a buy today or tomorrow above $4 be, in this market, with them reporting after the close?

Don't worry, I won't blame you after the fact if you're "wrong". After all, advice is rarely wrong, even if it doesn't work out.

Also today it looks like GSS has closed the July 4th gap. What do you think--load up if we see some strength and volume at these levels?

Allan said...

Presently I own none of them. What would you advise.

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Anonymous said...

Hay there's more good advice on this board than just stocks! :) Tnx.

BTW anyone notice the sally buys for VLNC?

I no longer hold it but I hope good comes to that company!


SectorInvest said...

Any latest comments on Xyber9?