Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two Roulette Picks

NTRZ - getting creamed by 20% this morning on recognition of sales issue from one quarter to the next. Overreaction opportunity?

CAMH - on the other hand this one is up 5% on the CEO buying $189K worth of stock after the close yesterday. Muathe-type breakout pattern suggesting sustained run from here.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, Thanks for the sally reminder of a mover!

Just sharing one of those irk some pay us to find the name of the stock that will go up 1000% percent emails. But I have a purpose, that being, this bait mentions a SEC filing type that sally might be able to sniff and announce these filings too? A filing for accepting a tender offer, or the intent to do so. Form 333???

Here's the bait:

Dear Reader,

SEC Filing #333 Could Hand You 1,223% Gains by August 8th
On file now in Washington, D.C., this obscure document tells the story of a pending takeover worth $11.1 billion dollars…

Thanks and wishes for everyone to find their grove, curt

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, Since you subscribe to Dines you probably already know he's changed his picks based on the maturing of the U investment market.

I just ran across several public recent Dines interviews:

He's moving his picks upscale to high quality producers:

There's been a recent correction in the miners so it makes sense to move to quality.

I've been wondering when enrichment was going to enter the investment picture? Somebody needs to invent a radically new and lower cost way to enrich yellow cake into fisile fuel. SILXF.PK is the only new technology I accidentally ran across. This is a gap in the U boom.


Anonymous said...


NTRZ sounds like "Nitrous." Does this company have anything to do with Nitrous Oxide? I'm a HEAVY consumer of that.

Go Stanford Football!

Allan said...

Cyrt, as a Dines subscriber, I can report he has made no formal switch away from his highly diversified portfolio of hihg-medium-speculative quality uranium picks. He says even after uranium tops in price, these mining stocks will still run.