Saturday, May 26, 2007


From time to time, I have written about my daughter, Sarah. Here is a link to some of the relevent posts about her.

But none of that matters today. I have just now returned to my rented villa on Seabrook Island, returned from Sarah's most excellent High School Graduation ceremony.

There wasn't a single one of Sarah's teachers that did not come up to me to laud on my Sarah, including Dr. Shirley, the Headmaster, who summed it all up with, "Sarah is special."

Yes, Sarah is special. This was her day and I have never had a prouder moment in my life then when her named was called and Sarah walked across the stage to receive her diploma.

This blog is for all of you who have taken the time to write me about my daughters over the years, after I posted some very personal angst, usually out of desperation to talk to someone, even if it was to a group of anonymous friends.

For this moment, I am beaming.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Allan

This is great news for you and your daughter.

The only constant in life is change itself. I knew things would turn around for the better for you


EC said...

I signed up on the website you mentioned previously. How do you use this site? He recommends so many stocks and so many on his board that it is hard to see how he could miss a big winner. There are a few stragglers that move slowly and relatively easy to get stopped out based on his recommended 5% stop loss.

You don't put a small amount of capital into EACH of his mentioned picks do you? It's interesting that his usual holding time is longer than what you are accustomed to - at a few weeks.


Anonymous said... - looks like a great site. Allan, is there any concern that the system will stop working or not work as well when more people use this site? Kind of how you don't share your other systems other than I-buys?