Saturday, February 10, 2007

Uranium Update

A new Dines Letter arrived last night, another one in a series that was almost entirely devoted to Uranium as the opportunity investment of a lifetime. I have never seen Dines so single-minded for so long on investing in a particular sector. This from, "The Original Gold-Bug" and from one of the first major players in Internet stocks in the mid-nineties.


"So is it 'too late to buy' uraniums? We still believe that this uranium bull market will be recorded as a veritable tsunami of profits, with money enough to be made for everybody, and that we are nowhere near a Top Formation because 'The Coming Uranium Buying Panic' has only just begun."

I'm up to a dozen uranium stocks in my portfolio. As a group, they go up in value every day, although individually that is not the case as some do chop around, while others, like FRG, seem to just go up. Even yesterday, with the market getting trashed in every index, my Uraniums were net winners.



Anonymous said...


How do you feel about the new FIU.TO? Its IPO was in Dec, and it is up 12% in just one week. Please advise.


mike said...

I looked a the Dines site and he has (a) his newsletter and (b) an interim alert at a seperate price. He also has more books and pamphlets the longer your subscribe.

Do you get just the newsletter or the alert also? Also, looking at the booklets/pamphlets, have you seen them and do you think they have any value?



Allan said...

anm: I am unfamiliar with FIU.TO, sorry can't comment on it.

Mike: I get both the Dines Letter and the Interim Warning Alerts, both very much worth the price. As for his books, I've read just about them all and recommend each one, although if you are just starting out with Dines, his basic newsletter (which I believe includes free his latest annual forecast issue) is a good start and you can add other stuff as you like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Allan. Are you at all familiar with URAMIN INC (UMN.TO)? It is also new and was up 15% last week. Finally, any thoughts on the newly announced Uranium Focused Energy Fund (See: Thanks again for all your help. Best,

Anonymous said...

Allan, Might you offer your view on what uranium stock(s) you'd put new money into?

tnx curt

Allan said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Allan,

I want to thank you for alerting us, your readers, to NTRZ: NUTRACEA a couple of months ago. If it wasn't for your blog, I would never have known about this hidden gem. It just jumped again today.


Thanks very much!

Greg Reiman said...

Here is a link to an interesting article on Uranium company stocks.

*This is not an endorsement or recommendation of these stocks.

Greg Reiman

Sydney said...

Alan -

I saw Dine's interview with NBR and google it on the Internet. That is why I bumped into your blog. Thanks for sharing your insight. It has been very informative.

I have a question regarding PNP. It seems to have underperformed the other picks Dines mentioned in the interview. And it was very volatile for a while. I wonder What your outlook is on it in 2007?


Allan said...

regarding PNP....I wonder What your outlook is on it in 2007?

PNP is my second largest holding in the sector, behind FRG.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Did you catch Cramer last night 2/22/07? Someone called in and went over FRG with him and he kept telling us his pick EMU was the best pick in the sector. EMU hasn't even started mining yet.
Like to know what you think about EMU.

Allan said...

Cramer talks out of his ass about things he knows next to nothing about, time and time again, as evidenced by his EMU pick.


Anonymous said...

What broker do you folks use to trade stocks like FIU.TO?

Do Etrade and Ameritrade let you trade in FIU.TO? Do they charge higher fee than the regular nominal fee 10 – 15 $ on these foreign stock?
Please comment.