Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Three for Three?

A few weeks ago I wrote up FRG as a potential break-out pick above $9.90. The very next day FRG broke out with a vengeance on almost triple the previous day's volume. Today it touched $11.20, before settling back a bit to close at $11.15. Jim Dines sent out a special alert today, reaffirming his fondness for FRG, so I think this one is going a lot further.

Last Monday we revisited NNVC, suggesting the risk:reward looked pretty good at $0.80 for a run to at least $1.00. Two days later, at $1.00, I forecast a move to $1.50-$2.00. In less then a week, NNVC touched $1.52, closing today at $1.30.

Well, I have another idea. Can we make it three for three?

Bird Flu is rearing its ugly head again. We made some decent money last time this happened, although to the world's relief, nothing much happened. But in the interim, many of our bird flu stocks flew to dizzying heights. Are we again at a juncture where these stocks can benefit from a lot of bad health publicity? Maybe.

Here's my list of a dozen bird flu stocks from about one year ago:

Bird Flu Stocks

I'm not suggesting running out and buying them all tomorrow. But I am suggesting that we watch the news and watch these stocks. If it starts coming together, a lot of bird flu news accompanied with bird flu stocks starting to move up with volume, it will be time to play the sector again.

Unlike FRG and NNVC, this is less of a recommendation and more of a heads-up.

Opportunities are sometimes like that.



Mukesh said...

Does anyone know what this following REE company might be?

Tiny $0.35 Australian Miner
Breaks China’s “Rare Earth”



Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great stock recommendations.

I think it's Lynas Corporation (LYSCF).

Have a great trading day!


Ali said...


Thanks for this post.