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Anonymous said...

Hey Allan,

Thanks for posting this "valuable" reminder about the things that are really important. Always been a Cash fan, but never saw this one. Perhaps one of his best.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

long live J. CASH

off subject does anyone know this CBM small co.

urgent Alert from Mike Schaefer...

Dear Reader,

In the next few years, Wyoming is expected to get hit by one of the most disastrous floods of modern times.

But the cause of this flood has many Wyoming residents spitting mad.

You see, this "flood" won't be an act of God. It'll be man-made.

In fact, this catastrophe will be created by a government mandate . . . issued by the President of the United States.

This government-created flood will contain eight trillion gallons of the nastiest, most polluted water you could ever imagine - enough to fill 1.14 million Olympic-size swimming pools.

The water will be a witch's brew of poison - ten times worse than Katrina. The water will contain arsenic, boron, iron, manganese, raidum, fluoride, ammonia, sulfates and other water polluting elements. To the rich farmland and grass-covered rolling plains, it'll be an environmental disaster. Thousands of trout will be left floating on their sides. The majestic elk that roam free in the area risk being wiped out as they consume the dirty water.

The surrounding land will be worthless afterwards. It'll be about as useful to the local farmers as the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah.

And just why would the government create such a risk to the environment? Let me explain.

Deep below the grass-covered plains and rolling hills of the beautiful Powder River Basin area in northeastern Wyoming sits a treasure chest of untapped gas that is sorely needed to help meet America's growing demand.

The Powder River Basin is one of 5 energy producing basins in America. . . and is a prolific source of natural gas.

Our National Energy Policy Plan estimates that over the next 20 years, annual natural gas consumption will increase by 50 percent - from approximately 20 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) currently to 31 Tcf.

To meet this growing demand for natural gas, President Bush is demanding that the Powder River Basin treasure chest be unlocked to allow access to the 25 Tcf of proven gas reserves in that area.

His 2005 Energy Policy calls for 77,000 new gas wells to be drilled over the next ten years.

Powder River Basin CBM Production

But here's the rub: getting the gas out of the wells comes at a terrible price to the environment. You see, each of those wells produces up 50 gallons per minute of some of the nastiest, most polluted water you can imagine.

So far, 12,500 wells have been sunk, and the neighbors aren't happy at all. The basin is caught in the middle of a larger national struggle between America's energy needs and its environmental values. . . between a Bush administration that is determined to drill for oil and gas and the conservationists and ranchers who are equally determined to protect their vulnerable and increasingly threatened landscape.

Even with this relatively small number of wells in operation, there's a lot of polluting taking place in the area. But imagine what's going to happen when there are 77,000 wells, each pumping out 50 gallons per minute of this filthy water - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The entire area could be flooded with eight trillion gallons a year of murky, poisonous water, rendering the area an environmental catastrophe.

Needless to say, natural gas drilling companies desperately need a way to get this valuable gas out of the ground in order to satisfy the President's plan. If that were possible, we'd have instant access to this untapped resource.

Until now there was no way to drill for this gas without inflicting harm on the surrounding streams and endangering the native wildlife.

That is, until a tiny, unheard-of company developed . . .

Listen close, because today I'm going to tell you about an early-stage, zero-downside investment opportunity that could become one of the biggest winners of my entire investing career.

In fact, the company I'm about to tell you about was formed specifically to stop this flood.

In no other words, it's the only game in town. They literally have a monopoly on this market.

Like I said, I think this will be my most successful investment of my entire life.

You see, this vast treasure chest of gas I'm talking about is coal bed methane (CBM), a form of natural gas that is embedded in coal, far beneath the earth's surface. As fossil fuels go, it is relatively clean-burning. But there's nothing clean about extracting it.

And therein lies the problem - and the opportunity to multiply your money ten times within the next 24 months.

In order to free the gas from the coal, huge quantities of water - up to 50 gpm - must be pumped from the coal seam. At the surface, the gas is collected in compressor stations and the water is piped away into streams and ditches, like the ones you see pictured below.

In a dry region like the Powder River Basin, you'd think extra water might be a boon - except for two things.

The high salt content renders much of the water unfit for irrigation use. And the pumping depletes underground aquifers, posing a threat to the agricultural future of the region.

That's where, this feisty upstart company comes in. It has invented and patented a brand-new process and tool that will become the new standard in CBM gas production.

Their new development will solve the biggest issue associated with accessing the huge treasure chest of CBM gas in an environmentally friendly way - by eliminating the nasty CBM water disposal problem.

This new natural gas service company is poised to rake in tons of cash as a result of its patented breakthrough invention.

Exactly how huge is the opportunity for this tiny company?

It's enormous, because no other company has a comparable process. Any drilling company looking to tap into this CBM gas treasure chest in an economical and environmentally friendly manner will need this little company's patented process.

Remember, the President has issued an order to sink 77,000 wells during the next ten years. Progress has been slow up to now, with only 12,500 wells drilled.

That leaves another 64,500 wells to be sunk - all potential candidates for using this company's unique process.

I believe this $3.50 company could be trading at $25 within the next 24 months.

That means you could turn a small $5,000 investment into $50,000 . . . a more significant $10,000 into $100,000 . . . or a major investment of $100,000 into $1 million.

It's simply that huge! And will continue to grow because . . .

Over the next two decades, production from the Rocky Mountain states will be critical to meeting the natural gas demand within the United States. But as I've said, much of the reserves in that area are "forbidden" due to environmental concerns.

A 2002 study sponsored by the Department of Energy and the Energy Information Association clearly stated that any strategies developed to increase natural gas production in this region must address protecting the environment and maintaining regional cultural values.

That's why this little company's new patented process has such a high probability of succeeding. It's the only process on the market that provides an environmentally friendly way to access this gas.

Annual production from Rocky Mountain states has risen from 6.3 billion cubic feet per day (Bcfd) in 1990 to over 9.7 Bcfd in 2001.

This increase is due - in significant part - to increased development of CBM gas. And thanks to this little company's invention, CBM gas will make an even larger contribution in the near future.

Five years ago, CBM gas accounted for over half of all Rocky Mountain states' natural gas production and eight percent of total U.S. natural gas supply.

Looking ahead, the Rocky Mountain states are expected to provide the nation's largest increase in new natural gas supply, according to the EIA's 2003 Annual Energy Outlook.

Nationwide, natural gas demand has risen 15% since the day after Thanksgiving. Demand in the western half of the U.S., which has had the worst cold weather, has gone off the scale.

Rising heating demand is leading to a faster-than-anticipated decline in natural gas inventories. Still, inventories are up 6% from a year ago and are 7% higher than the five-year average for this time of year, according to data from the Energy Department.

But "the rate of decline is very, very fast," according to Steve Wilhite, president of Summit Energy in Louisville. He expects natural gas prices will continue to go up.

U.S. Demand for Natural Gas
Continues to Explode!

It's the nation's fastest-growing energy source, with demand forecast to increase by 50 percent between now and 2030,

Demand for electric power generation is expected to grow more than 62 percent.

Natural gas supplies about 62 million residential customers and 5 million commercial and industrial customers.

The U.S. Department of Energy says 900 of the next 1,000 power plants will use natural gas.

Natural gas powers nearly 130,000 buses, taxis, delivery trucks and other vehicles.

Source: www.NaturalGasFacts.com
The U.S. Department of Energy is predicting that prices may surge upwards 25% to 30% by the start of next year.

Even if prices don't go up, the prospects for this company to succeed are outstanding.

You see, demand keeps going through the roof. In fact, lower prices could lead to even higher demand for natural gas.

While demand for natural gas in the U.S. has more than doubled over the past two decades, supply has stagnated.

Since 1996, domestic production of natural gas has grown at an annual rate of well below one percent.

With demand being so high, it makes you wonder why production has not kept pace.

The slow increase is due to a number of factors, a primary one being that existing and producing gas fields in the U.S. are slowly being tapped out.

In order to maintain production, domestic producers are drilling more wells and extracting gas more efficiently from existing wells.

But the bigger hindrance to increased production is governmental and environmental handcuffs.

You see, most of the promising natural gas fields are on public lands. And gaining access to those areas has become increasingly difficult.

Oil and gas leases on federal lands must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act. The Clean Water Act. The Clean Air Act. The Endangered Species Act. And other statutes and regulations.

In some western states, applications for a permit to drill - which are required to be processed within 30 days - take about 140 days, thus slowing production.

Don't let the warm weather fool you...

"Those who think that winter 2006-2007 is going to remain mild are in for a shock. Winter is likely to come with a vengeance."

- Joe Bastardi, AccuWeather.com
Obtaining permits isn't the only problem. In some cases, public land is simply off limits to exploration activities. For example . . .

A Department of the Interior study found that nearly 40 percent of the potential undiscovered domestic natural gas resource base on federal lands is either closed or is open to development only under highly restrictive conditions.

During the past ten years alone, the Federal Government has placed restrictions on areas off the East and West Coasts and in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. The restrictions prohibit any natural gas development until 2012 . . . leaving an estimated 70 Tcf of U.S. natural gas reserves untouchable.

But at the same time, these restrictions are . . .

As more and more proven reserves are declared untouchable for environmental reasons, this little-known company's profit-making opportunities keep going through the roof.

You see, this company's exclusive process has taken virtually all the environmental risks out of drilling for gas in the pristine Powder River Basin. It's resolved the problem of dealing with the toxic wastewater generated when producing CBM gas.

This CBM gas wastewater is some nasty stuff. And I'm talking about a lot of water here. In fact, the average CBM gas well produces 50 gallons of this wastewater per minute - over 72,000 gallons a day.

The biggest problem with it are pollutants that can be incredibly harmful to soil, grasses and wildlife.

When discharged into reservoirs, it can harm the area's streams and water used by landowners for crops and livestock. It can completely strip plant life from the ground, leaving the soil dry and cracked and rendering it unusable for farming.

These are all reasons why the environmentalists and local farmers don't welcome the idea of sinking 77,000 CBM gas wells "in their backyard."

This is where the little known $3.50 company that I've uncovered comes to the rescue, helping resolve this serious water problem.

It has developed a proprietary tool that captures the filthy water and keeps it underground.

The process involves moving CBM wastewater from the underground coal seam and reinjecting it into a shallower aquifer. This unique process insures that the filthy water never comes out of the ground and doesn't have to be dealt with.

This proprietary process gives CBM gas drillers a ton of advantages, including:

No National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permitting required (which normally take 18 months to obtain).

A less stringent Underground Injection Control permit is required for the process and is typically obtained within two to four weeks of application.

Eliminates or greatly reduces landowner/attorney negotiations relating to damage payments from water discharge issues.

No water flow lines to be constructed to each well.

No water outfalls to be constructed.

No Discharge Monitor Reports to be completed

There is no environmental impact because the CBM water is re-injected into the aquifer.

The process should be economical even if natural gas prices fall to $2.00 Mcf (Million Cubic Feet) or less.

Maintenance costs for water management facilities are significantly reduced, as the tool has no moving parts and can be redressed in the field.

The above list illustrates why gas well drillers are going to be lining up at this little company's doorstep to be the first to have access to this patented process.

In fact, this tiny company - with a market cap of just $96 million - just sealed a deal to install its device in 500 CBM wells owned by a major natural gas producer that does over $12 billion in annual revenue.

The news shot the stock up to new highs. But not before I was able to get my members into this stock. I literally got my members into this stock at the ground floor... when it was trading for $1.50 last year.

I'll tell you more about the company's new deal in a minute.

But first, I want you to remember, there's another 64,500 wells that need to be sunk before the President's plan is fulfilled. This means huge profits flowing to this company's bottom line.

They've estimated $70 million by 2009. But I believe they're being far too conservative. The actual number could be three or four times that figure, sending its stock through the roof at $25 a share vs. the $3.50 where it's currently sitting.

The GOOD NEWS is you don't have to be a private investor or fly out to the Powder River Basin in order to profit from this opportunity.

The best part about this opportunity is that hardly anyone in the mainstream investment world knows about this tiny company yet . . . except for those that are close to the CBM industry.

I've written this letter to give you an idea of what I've learned about this opportunity . . . including why it's still a secret in the investment world . . . and how to take advantage of it before the rest of the world finds out.

I can't stress this enough: This story will NOT remain a secret for long. The people likely to make the most money are those who get in on this opportunity soonest.

That's why I've just completed a special report clearly explaining how you can make at least ten times your money by investing in this company now.

This Special Investment Research Report I've written just for you is called The Easiest 471.4% Gain You'll See in 24 Months.

In a few minutes, I'm going to show you how to get my report. But first, allow me to share a very important investment concept with you . . .

Anonymous said...


public offering?? Any thoughts on what this means? Dillution?


tnx curt

Anonymous said...

URZ a down day for U stocks in general, but URZ a development stage US miner, no production, yet is on the AMEX, is up 6%.

Any ideas?

tnx curt

Anonymous said...

Uranerz Announces Initiation of Wyoming Drilling Program
Thursday February 15, 4:46 pm ET

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 15, 2007 -- Uranerz Energy Corporation (AMEX:URZ - News)(Frankfurt:U9E.F - News), a pure-play uranium exploration and development company, is pleased to announce the initiation of its Wyoming drilling program. This drilling program commenced on the Company's Powder River Basin uranium projects, where the first task will be to perform routine maintenance on three hydrogeologic wells at the Hank property preparatory to an aquifer pump test planned for spring 2007. This maintenance is to improve the efficiency and performance of the wells since they were drilled in the summer of 2006. The Company then plans to start exploration drilling on the Hank project.

It is planned that the drilling equipment will then move to the Nichols Ranch area where well field pre-development drilling will be performed to assist with finalizing the well field design needed for the Department of Environmental Quality "permit to mine" application.

Uranerz Energy then plans to move the drill rig to the Collins Draw project to provide more information on the mineralization in that area, primarily to identify the directional strike and length of the oxidation reduction (front) boundaries. The equipment will then be moved to the Doughstick area to assess the potential of the west leg front, and upgrade mineralization categories on the east front. Once the Powder River Basin drilling is complete the rig will be moved to the Great Divide Basin to concentrate on the Cyclone Rim uranium mineralized fronts.

Uranerz continues to stake additional ground in the Powder River Basin where historic information indicates the presence of additional mineralization trends. Once the drilling is completed at the Cyclone Rim area the rig will return to the Powder River Basin to confirm the presence and strength of trends in the newly staked areas.

"The commencement of our Wyoming drilling program follows last summer's encouraging intercepts from the Hank, Nicholls Ranch and Doughstick properties in the Powder River Basin. Our 2007 drill plans will maximize our time, efforts and resources so that we can move rapidly towards our exploration and development goals in this region," stated George Hartman, Chief Operating Officer.

Uranerz Energy Corporation is a pure-play uranium company listed on the American Stock Exchange. The Company is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of properties in the uranium sector. The Company's goal is to become a producer of uranium which will be utilized as fuel in the world's nuclear electrical generating facilities. The Company has an experienced team of mining personnel, many of whom are former officers, senior management and employees of the original Uranerz Exploration and Mining Limited and related companies (the "Uranerz Group"). This team has direct experience in licensing, designing, constructing and operating underground, open-pit and in-situ recovery uranium production facilities. The Company also has an advisory board that consists entirely of ex-Uranerz Group professionals. The Uranerz Group was acquired in 1998 by Cameco, the world's largest primary uranium producer.

Uranerz Energy Corporation has expertise in in-situ recovery mining and holds projects in Wyoming with uranium-mineralized sandstone. These Powder River Basin uranium properties are advanced, and the Company has initiated environmental licensing and mine planning for the development of two of these projects.

Uranerz also has uranium properties in Saskatchewan (Canada), Mongolia and the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming. The Canadian, Mongolian and Great Divide Basin uranium properties are in the exploration stage and Uranerz has joint ventured these projects to other companies as a means of reducing its exploration risk. These projects are operated and funded by our joint venture partners.


Glenn Catchpole, President and CEO

Anonymous said...

Tnx re URZ, this is my point, this reminds me of the oil sands pump/dump stocks last year. The hard assets of the co is a bunch of expensive holes and land leases.

URZ has no production no will for at least 5 yrs if my DD on U mine development is close. I'm not raining on URZ PPS run up, just asking if anyone here has insights?

The FRG issue is more of a mystery though. If nothing comes out pre-market, the price action will rate what this all means, won't it.

tnx and good luck, curt

Anonymous said...


A small biotech is presenting at a show and has a small break out happening on news. The market for a successful and safe treatment for menopause is huge due to the large number symptomatic women who aren't happy plus the loss of premarin.

good luck, curt

ali said...

Hi Allan,

Lots of exciting action on CYTR the past few days. Any tips on how to play it, and if to play it, at this point?

Also, URRE looks exciting. do you think today is the beginning of a new up trend?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Another Pump From Tobin Smith

I've had good luck with his previous pumps for some quick 20% to 50% pops.... ITKG.OB and RPTN.OB. Been having trouble figuring this one out though. Anyone know who this one is?

Fellow Investor,

Welcome to the X-Games of investing. Extreme to the max. Where you could crash and fly off the course – or turn $5,000 into a quarter-million in 2-3 years.

This is the most exciting microcap I’ve ever recommended. What I call a “Fly or Die” stock. It’s going to go to the moon or it’s going to fizzle.

That’s my full disclaimer. Now let me tell you why I recommend a leap of faith if you have a little risk capital that you want to turn into a lot.

Crash time for the Internet
The Internet backbone is under a huge strain.

In fact, those in-the-know admit that the key Amsterdam exchange for the World Wide Web is nearing full capacity. And behind-the-scenes, there’s a lot of serious discussion about what to do if, or when, the whole Internet comes crashing down.

So what’s the problem?

Too much traffic. Or rather I should say, too much of the “wrong” kind of bandwidth-eating traffic.

You see, High-Definition Video-Over-Internet Protocol (HDVIP) is clicking into overdrive. In other words – to take the tech mumbo jumbo out of it – people are downloading a ton of video, more every day.

Consumers now have high-speed Internet-enabled devices ranging from their desktop and laptop PCs to Treos, BlackBerries, Xbox 360s and PS3 game consoles. Plus, we have high-speed wireline broadband and 3G wireless broadband rolling out throughout the world.

Consumer demand for these products is all driven by an explosion in companies introducing one new broadband service after another.

The Financial Times reported on Sony improving its PlayStation Portable to a "more user-friendly device capable of downloading films, TV shows (and) back-catalogue games." TiVo and Amazon are joining forces to put Web video on TV sets. And that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

No wonder analysts are estimating that TV and film downloads will hit the $6 billion-per-year mark by 2012.

My new mantra is “hi-def video is the new e-mail.”

We both know that e-mail was the killer app of the 1990s. Now we’ve got the same explosive growth happening all over again. Only this time around, video requires ubiquitous broadband everywhere and always on.

Cisco’s recent blow-out numbers are simply one more piece of proof that this wave has already shifted into high gear. And we’ll have tons of ways to profit at ChangeWave Investing over the next several years.

But this little stock – which I’ve just advised my ChangeWave MicroCap Investor readers to load up on – could well become the biggest winner of the whole hi-def video wave.

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Here’s the problem
Hi-def video is the REAL 21st century killer-value proposition.

Hi-def movies, TV, sports and video conferencing are like the electric refrigerator was to the icebox in the 1920s. Once you tried it, you never went back to lugging ice.

There’s just one problem:

The exponential growth of 2 gigabit hi-def movies, TV and streaming video (can you say “YouTube?”) already has the world Internet infrastructure bulging at the seams.

And it’s not a simple matter of adding more computers… more wire… or more routers. The true solution comes from using what we have more efficiently.

You see, the current method used for data delivery is File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which only uses 7.5% of the available bandwidth. The rest – enough to solve all our video problems for many, many years – sits “empty.”

Well, not exactly empty. But for FTP to really work – to ensure that 100% of the data packets get to the right destination – it uses the rest of the bandwidth to double-check on transmission.

Seems like a waste, right? But that’s how FTP works. When it comes to actually transmitting data, for all intents and purposes 92.5% of the bandwidth remains “empty.”

And that’s a huge problem.

Now let’s talk about the solution
Our little microcap has developed a patent-pending solution that opens the entire bandwidth to data transmission – and it doesn’t require new devices, new boxes, new wires or new anything.

This solution is software-based, easy to implement and – best of all – requires Internet users to do nothing different.

The technology WORKS – it’s proven; and it’s in beta-testing release right now. And full worldwide release could come in the next 60 days.

So the time to own this stock is NOW, not later. Just point and click here!

Load this software onto your PC or mobile phone and you have immediate access to the 92.5% of the Internet that now stands empty.

It gives consumers and businesses a powerful, yet easy-to-use, tool to download large files 100 times faster than anything currently available. 100-times faster!

We’re talking a quarter-second to deliver synchronized hi-def video, hi-fidelity audio, text and VOIP. It’s the best solution to the Internet crowding problem by far. And it’s also priced way below competing, but inferior, “solutions.”

That’s why, to me this is worth a shot.

If things work out well, this will be an easy 10-bagger. And if things really break our way – if the company can stay independent long enough – we have a shot at a 50-bagger.

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A real company with proven management
One of the biggest problems for most microcaps is MONEY.

They seldom have enough of it to tough it out in the marketplace. But so far, this company has financed itself with management money. They’re very frugal with cash, because they’re using their own.

What’s more, management has significant net worth. And they’d like to get the product out with no share dilution, as much as you and I would. They’re in it for the BIG POP, too.

And I’d be shocked if we didn’t see serious strategic money – from venture capitalists or big-name companies – invested before, or shortly after, the launch. There are a lot of these sources with deep pockets who live to get a piece of action like this.

Here’s something that really gives me an extra shot of confidence.

Management has a ton of successful experience with startups in the past. When you join me at MicroCap Investor and see all the details, I guarantee you’ll be impressed. Click here!

In fact, management structure simply doesn’t get any better for a late-stage microcap startup.

So who’s the market?
First, the company will focus on the top of the pyramid in its quest for licensing deals.

Think any device that can connect to the net or can deliver an internet signal: PCs, laptops, servers, cable modems, DSL, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, set-top boxes, Nintendo's Wii and Sony PlayStation.

Then there’s the enterprise market – a movie studio could license this software for all of their users throughout the world. A radiology corporation like NightHawk Radiology could send CAT scans anywhere around the globe for diagnosis.

Then think even bigger – financial, media, military and storage. Think about transferring large volumes of data (dynamic) – real-time video, video games, IPTV and VOIP.

Then comes Amazon, iTunes, or Flickr. Users will download this software to get movies, podcasts and the rest, super-quick. News corporations like Fox News Channel, Disney, Paramount, etc., should climb onboard, too.

What’s more, this software platform would make a great fit for Microsoft. In the battle against Apple, Microsoft could provide this as a simple update option for all OS users.

If Akamai (the distributed-computing platform provider) just paid $179 million to buy Netli (another global-application-delivery network provider that just speeds up servers), then what kind of value does this much more complete solution have?

For less than 50 cents a share, where do you find a company with a market cap this small, coupled with a disruptive technology and a great management team?

Say it slowly and out loud:

"This is technology that speeds up data delivery on the Internet by up to 100 times, works on existing desktop and server platforms and requires no changes to network stacks or installation of hardware."

I’ll say it again: I just love the risk/reward equation for this microcap.

Is it a sure thing? NOPE – think it’d be selling at under 50 cents if it was? Nothing’s ever sure with a tiny company like this.

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The Internet today is like the most crowded highway at rush hour. But this company’s solution is like adding another 50 lanes instantly.

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