Monday, January 09, 2006


NNVC hit a new high this morning at $1.40 on 1.3M volume in the first 90 minutes of trading. Here's the news:

NanoViricides Collaborates with Vietnam Government to Develop Drug To Treat Bird Flu Virus; Company to receive H5N1 (Avian Flu) biologics from Vietnam



Anonymous said...

Allan, sold off nnvc @ 1.53 today. where do i buy back in at?

Allan said...

My quotes show high for day at $1.49. currently $1.42. If you sold at $1.53, I'd buy back here and do it again, tomorrow.


Lou Dow said...


Saw your answer to the BRCX question on Gilder. THe BCRX site on Yahoo indicates the the Medical Technology Stock Report has a new buy limit of 20 on BCRX and a price objective of 50.

Greg Reiman said...

Hi A:

I am selling today. Thanks for this one, it was an 18 bagger for me.


Anonymous said...

$2.05 and still going, what's up?

Allan said...

$2.05 and still going, what's up?

I think it was Tennyson who wrote,

"Ours is not to reason why,
Ours is to Hold & Buy."


Anonymous said...

Well, I sold some shares to cover initial investment with the intention to let the balance run...

Voice in my head says "sell a little more" while other says "hold unleast till we see some downward action"...


zoom said...

i just found this blog. Very cool. I bought nnvc at .80 and am still holding at 2.15. With the spread in Turkey, i don't see any nanotech/bird flu plays dipping. Maybe i am wrong, but I am staying in until further news on Vietnam deal.