Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Speed of Change, Squared.

In the comments section of my "Just Say No" blog, Greg asks and suggests in part as follows:

"Unless you are traveling frequently, why not use desk top PC's? They seem to be more reliable as well as a bit cheaper...........Maybe you just need to take a vacation."

Today I leave with Ilene for five days in Southern California. We will be taking our business with us, in the form of two notebooks and reservations at a hotel with a very reliable broadband connection. Yes, it is a vacation, of sorts, but if we just have average trading days on Thursday and Friday, the trip will be paid for and we should return home with still larger account balances then we left. That's why we run our business on notebooks and that's why vacations are so much damn fun these past few years. At 1:00 PT we are finished "working" and ready to engage ourselves with local hospitality.

Mobility, redundant systems and technology. Big, beautiful everchanging, technology, challenging our thinking and approaches to trading. New ideas fall with the gentle rain on a Denver walk after dinner, or sail in on the cool ocean breeze on a midnight stroll outside our hotel in Santa Monica. New friends serving dessert in their home atop Malibu as the day fades effortlessly across the quiet beach below. Who knows how ideas take hold, where they come from, why they appear at all?

Trading gets stale if you let it. Sometimes all it takes is a new place, an open mind and the will to succeed; where energy equals the speed of change, squared.



Anonymous said...

Allan, will you be attending this years Telecosm in Sqaw?

Allan said...

Don't know yet, I have my entire staff working 24/7 collecting the various pricing options from GilderTech trying to decipher actual cost of two of us attending. Hopefully we will get a preliminary report soon with some pro-forma calculations and we can start working on the decision. It does sound nice though.


Frank D. said...

Hi Allan,
Thank you so much for the gift of your site. Although you may not give the big secret, you do generate enthusiasm and hope to this sport. I am digging and trying to make it happen and have just one question for you at this point. when you say you do 10 or twenty trades a day, are these in the same stock, or just one in twenty different stocks? My big question is, is it worth beating the same stock all day long looking for each bump or do you prefere to pick the 1 ripe trade from each tree, or stock?
Thanks again.
Frank D.

Allan said...

Frank, First of all, thanks for your kind words. As for your question, my trades are based on one of three triggers, all independent of each other and seldom do they ever overlap on the same stock. That said, there are times that after taking a quick 2% profit on a trade that the stock pulls back to my entry price and I will go in again. This is especially true on insider buys, where sometimes the best moves happen in days as opposed to minutes or hours.

Your idea of concentrating on one name and trading it exclusively, in and out all day long, is not a bad idea. If you can find a trading pattern that lends itself to that kind of specilization, go for it.