Thursday, August 18, 2005

And They Keep On Coming

More I-Buys today:

SFE --> CEO Buys $212K @ $1.28;

ADSX --> CEO Buys $57K @ $2.85;

Bought a bunch of both, out of half already, letting the other half run, will probably be out of both by the close unless there are follow-on I-buys by other officers and/or directors.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences. I've found your site through David's.

Wondering whether you remained in either SFE or ADSX thru any part of today.

SFE made it up more than 6 percent by the close.


Allan said...

Ali, as is my usual strategy, I took some profits with SFE early and held a stake until just before the close. As for ADSX, although profitable, I was a little disappointed with the pop in this one. I think the market's funk limited the upside there. In any case, fisnished the week 100% in cash, waiting for the opening bell on Monday.

Marty Safir said...

How 'bout that AMLN? The insiders stopped buying for the last 2 mos., but heck if they didn't know something good was coming.