Thursday, August 25, 2005

NVAX pops 45%

August 24th: Director buys 50K shares at $0.97, Some of us follow, buying in at his price $0.97.

August 25th: NVAX announces positive preclincal on its novel vaccine for pandemic influenzia; study shows avian flu vaccine effective.

Stock pops 45%.



Ronny said...

Hi Allan,do you evaluate the market's strength or weakness before making these insider purchases?

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Wow. Nice work.

I'm wondering how practically you spot opportunities like NVAX.

I did read your Insider Buying post from Dec. 2004, but I'm wondering just how you sifted through the filings to spot this one. Do you basically analyze each filing as it appears on the SEC Analytics site? Or do you specify certain criteria and the site automatically sifts through the filings to deliver the tickers of companies that have a profile and insider buying that are more likely to give it a better pop? Or is there another way?

How many minutes a day does it take to thoroughly monitor the files so that opportunities like NVAX don't slip under the radar?



Allan said...

ron, any market strength or weakness is irrelevent to my i-buys;

ali, the commercial services filter some of the filings for subscribers, I use a proprietary piece of software that filters all the filings according to my own preferences, i.e size and nature of i-buys. Just looking for large purchases from officers or very large purchases from directors.