Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jim Cramer

Does this guy know stocks, or what? Along with his new CNBC hour of bellowing stock opinions, Cramer runs a subscription stock service through his site, appropriately named, "Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus." Ever wonder to yourself just how good he is?

YTD: S&P 500 = -3.40%
YTD: Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus = -2.46%

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future performance, which in this case, is probably a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Very true- he does have great Wall Street insight, but I wouldn't trust his stock picks without my own research.


Allan said...

Hi Ross, good to hear from you. If you are looking for Wall Street insight, check out David Gordon's web site which is linked below in my Google blog. Whereas you will learn nothing from Cramer, I believe David has real insight to offer, a polar opposite to Cramer's fluff and bluff bellowing bulls__t. But as you pointed out, even with David's ideas, you have to do your own homework and understand why and what you are buying....or selling.

Anonymous said...

Dave does have a fine website.

Cramer's callers are more annoying than his stock picks.

Google, Starbucks, Whole foods and JNJ are Cramer's favorite long term picks as well.


David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist said...


Being published once meant having been 'vetted', but now, with the advent of the Internet, everyone is 'published'. Thus, opinions are truly a 'dime a dozen'. And despite the level of sophistication or tyro-dom each of us has, we all recognize insight when we see it. As consumers of information, we learn to be selective; that there is a difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom.

(For example, most people consign each price tick to represent truth. They are wrong to do so; price is merely the memorialization of everything that has come before the trade, the tick. This truth, however, does not mean those people with experiential wisdom are never wrong. They are.)

I do not watch much TV, (only the news and LOST) so I miss Jim's appearances. Like Jim, I too have been on TV answering markets-related questions, but I gave it up. You see, in framing their questions, the interviewers force you to utter the answer they desire. (This is true in almost any interview.) Jim, to his credit, has enough personality to leap past this hurdle. Unfortunately, in doing so, he self-creates hurdles that are more problematic. Of course, I could betray secrets re Jim Cramer, but such boorishness would serve noone, least of all Jim or I.

That Jim and I share similar companies in our list of long term investments says little about those stocks, Jim, or me. Opportunity is created and offered from the inside out, not the outside in. Stated differently, for Jim these are investment opportunities; for me, they are investments.

I hope you ken my meaning...

Best wishes,