Sunday, May 08, 2005

Google, Revisited

We visited the Google story earlier, citing David Gordon's fine work in bringing this investment to our attention. There are several analytical pieces on David's web site related to Google, the company and the stock. My weekend reading this weekend included probably the most informative material yet on Google and it came right from the horses mouth, the December 31, 2004 Google Annual Report.

First off, even though my own blog here is part of the Google network, I never really understood how all of this fit into the Google story until about 1/3 of the way the annual report. Wow, I'm in business with Google! Or should I say, they work for me.

Second, I always thought of Google as a search engine, ok, THE search engine. Half-way through the Annual Report, I realized that Google is not only a search tool, Google is the Internet.

The more I read about Google, the more I want to own a piece if it, it's not just a company, it's not just a stock, Google is the future with the best yet to come. The very best recommendation I have for you is to download the 2004 Annual Report, if you haven't otherwise already read it, and spend some time reading about this incredible story.

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