Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I left AMLN off my list of recent Insider Buys in my previous Blog, "The Google Economy," but rather then edit that blog to add the symbol, Amylin get's its very own blog. Why? In the past week the following Insider purchases were filed with the SEC:

CEO $200K @ $16.65
VP Marketing $59K @ $16.75
VP Sales $200K @ $17.35
Director $334K @ $16.72
Director $334K @ $16.72
Director $49K @ $16.37

This is all on top of the recent FDA approval of Amylin's two drugs for treatment of Diabetes, Symlin and Exenatide.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Scott Goleibe wrote a biotech letter for gildertech a few years ago. Currently he writes his own. I belive Amylyn is one of his picks
The information you provide about insider buying is very helpful.
Ron Zybura