Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of Prechter's latest (edited by APH)

I was just informed by Elliott Wave International that one of (edited by APH) the latest Elliott Wave Theorist[s] by Robert Prechter is online free to all.

If interested (and you are) look for this box in the right margin, under my profile, and click it:

*Edits inserted by me an hour after original post, as I mistakenly assumed it was Prechter's latest newsletter, the one that said it was time to get short again, the most important issue of his in years and the one they should be giving away, instead of an old one and a sales pitch. My bad, apologies all around.



Wayne said...

Hey Allan, I don't see the box anywhere to the right.


A said...

Try this link:


Anonymous said...

This is July's EWT. Is it supposed to be August's?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the only August material is a "sneak peak" followed by a sales pitch.

A said...

I haven't had time to check it out, if true then I will be pissed. This is what they sent me:

One of Bob Prechter's most recent Elliott Wave Theorist is now online, free! In this issue, Bob gives a warning he's never had to include in 30 years of publishing – namely, that the doors to financial safety are closing all over the world.

Upon closer reading, it says "one of [RP's}.most recent issues" so in a way's it's my bad for not reading close enough, but in a bigger way, it's their fault because it was his most recent issue that is the biggie, saying it's time to get short again. That's the one they should be giving out.

I will rectify the situation, one way or another. I don't like slippery promotions, no matter who is doing the misleading.


Anonymous said...


I made the same mistake and posted it on my website as the August issue because I read the image, which says, "Get Bob Prechter's NEW 10-page letter FREE!" As far as I'm concerned, that's deliberately misleading because the July letter is well over a month old and can't be "NEW" in any sense. There is only one "NEW" letter and that's the August issue.

Anonymous said...

I just sent Susan at EWI some "feedback" on this confusion they created.

A said...

Bob, Good idea, I will as well, but will wait until tomorrow, I still pissed off and am in the verge of posting the August letter anyway.

Anonymous said...

Prechter's July issue references Professors Barry Eichengreen and Kevin O'Rourkgreat e's work at comparing today to the Great Depression.

I'd strongly recommend that readers go to their website and read the update that was not covered in the July EWT.Good stuff to be aware of IMO.

Here's the link: