Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Father & Daughter, Vegas 2009


Anonymous said...

This is so cool, Allan!

Wish all the best to both of you!

Laawaaris said...

Looks great - hope you both enjoyed playing the slots, games and watching the shows !

Oh and of course, the buffets !

Anonymous said...


This is what its really all about.

May my little girl grow up to be as lovely.

On a purely secondary note, may her father grow up to be as successful a trader as

Anonymous said...

I take it you do not like to gamble in the markets, hence reserve this activity for Vegas.

- cramar

Bryan Matthews said...

'You got me wrapped around your finger.'

Anonymous said...


Which one is you? The one on the right or left?


Anonymous said...


Your daughter is very attractive. I guess she looks like her mother!!!

Best regards,

Harvey B.

Anonymous said...

Sweet picture there proud Dad1

Now...are you flipped back on the ling side per the S&P > 999?

Is your daughter the proud owner of NNVC shares too?


A said...

Mike - needs to close the daily bar above 999 to turn the daily chart to bullish.

As for NNVC, family is all in.

cramer - Vegas is inspirational, i.e. look what having an edge can create and sustain.

Ubreako said...

Did vegas give you the sense that the Recession is over ? and the Depression is here ?

Ilya B said...

i live in Vegas, and its dead here...but the airport is being expanded...we will see...very cute daughter....i have 1 and another on the way, 2 more years and I am out of Vegas...