Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Third story under Hillary:

"Progress in Herpes Treatment"

Our story is getting out. Enjoy the ride.



John said...

Wow, reported on Drudge? Nice.

Anonymous said...

Is Drudge a well read site???

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

what the hell, did she say they just received a 10 million$ grant... nice.. (soemthing the news presenter said right at the end...)

See LSU clip via drudge website.

Wayne said...

actually it was $11M. Awesome news!

marcus of borg said...

And you can never underestimate the good fortune of accidental good PR!

Anonymous said...

4 years ago NNVC went to $3.70 on speculation...Now we've got The Stuff..imagine where we are going now!!

A said...

NNVC is up 33% this week, from 0.75 to 1.00. But the good news is that the significance of Monday's announcement derived from LSU researchers has yet to register.

At $1.00 a share, NanoViricide's market cap is about $120M. As per the disclosure of success against Herpes, just one product (out of about eight in ongoing development) has a $2B market, with little or no competition.

I look at this as a gross undervaluation, a market anomaly that won't last for long.

Unknown said...

Recent Headlines
NanoViricides, Inc. Herpes Study Results Discussed on CBS News Report
7:00AM ET - Business Wire
NanoViricides, Inc., reported today that the CBS affiliate TV station WBRZ interviewed Professor K. Gus Kousoulas, PhD, in which he explained the potential implications of the Company's nanoviricides anti-Herpes drug candidates. "Over 90% of the people are infected with Herpes, whether they know it or not," said Dr. Kousoulas, adding "it can manifest as cold sores or genital herpes.
Read the details.


Dave said...

Here's an interesting explanation of the Herpes virus.

I now better understand the importance of NNVC's revolutionary treatment.

Anonymous said...

Alan, what do u think of this headline...do u see this as a trend?? anybody's opinion is welcome!!

Major Hedge Fund Closes: Even the "World's Best Business" Is Getting Tougher


Unknown said...

another glorious morning for trading the trend.

almost as refreshing as viewing the Falls from the railing on the Canadian side on a sunny August morning.


Anonymous said...

Is that Bill or Hillary that is being treated for their herpes?



Dave said...

OT: Based on the extensive explanation in the linked piece above, I would say Bill has had his for a loooong time so isn't experiencing symptoms very often. Since he's the one that likely gave it to her, she's still pissed and due to the emotional stress is the one being treated. Just a theory but still bodes well for NNVC's treatment.

Anonymous said...

who is THERACOUR PHARMA, they seem to own 10% of nnvc

Wayne said...

Anon, this post on investorhub might shed some light:



Wayne said...

Crikey!! This can only bolster the case for our favorite "anti-vaccine".....



Anonymous said...

Hi Weine,
Thanks for posting the last link. I am in full agreement with this article. I never had flu vaccine and will never have. Last sentence of the article is exactly what I am doing, the natural way. I will start having a closer look at NNVC now.