Monday, August 10, 2009

NNVC - near term projections

NNVC - Daily

Impulse wave projecting initial move to $1.50. Impressive volume and prices holding up into the afternoon.



The Chartist said...

I see you use Get and BWT. I have both too. How do you incorporate BWT into your strategy?

A said...


It's a long, long story, maybe best for private email or at least after market closes. One thing that might give you an idea though, re-phrase the question:

How do you incorporate GET into BWT?

The Chartist said...

ok, :)

pimaCanyon said...

I finally got off my butt and bought NNVC a couple weeks ago. But now of course I am kicking myself for not buying more.

Do you think we will see prices in the 60 to 70 cent range again, or have we now started a lift-off that will not be entirely retraced?

Thanks for the recommendation to buy this stock!

A said...

Every spike rally in the past two years has been completely retraced. Will this one be too?

I doubt it. The company is on the precipice of medical history, it has matured into respectability and is raising too many eyebrows with their laboratory results. One of these days it will take off and never look back.

pimaCanyon said...

thanks for your reply, Allan.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure your busy, but if your feeling generous, please include me with that "long story" on how you incorporate BWT.

I've been fascinated with the discovery of BWT software but never interested in daytrading futures which is what many seem to use it for.

Your blog is demonstrating it can be of great use for the rest of us trader/investors too.


TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

I agree with Allan that this might be the point of no return to the 60ct level... but you never know. The market sentiment might change in an extreme way...

We'll see. Might buy some more today...

Unknown said...

Another stock I would ask Allan to look at NNLX, similar to NNVC. I think it is another potential blockbuster like NNVC.

In Columbus

Kirk Lindstrom said...

What is clear is this stock has the potential to be as big as "penicillin" for the number of problems that have no cure now AND cause suffering.

From NanoViricides Potential Herpes Simplex Virus Cure

"The market size for herpes simplex virus treatments is in excess of $2 billion annually.

At $0.99 the market cap for NNVC is only $121.79M

You have to LOVE the potential price/sales ratio for just this application.