Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Night

I know a lot of you look here for market ideas and directions, so here is my view as of Sunday night:

As the above chart indicates, not much has changed. The Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings remain the class of the NHL and I am expecting the market to make new lows this coming week.

As far as the World Series goes, I cannot name a single player on either team, even though Game 4 is on my TV about 10 feet away. But it gets worse, if I didn't have the TV tuned to the channel, I wouldn't know which two teams were playing. From the annoying sound of the crowd, it clear that a team from the obnoxious Northeast corridor is playing (and probably winning).

Speaking of which, the Michigan Wolverines lost to Michigan State yesterday, like for the first time ever (or so it seems). Gives East Lansing something to keep it warm this winter above it's God-forsaken frozen tundra of a college town.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend, or is it next weekend? Arizona doesn't participate in daylight savings time, yet I still don't get the clock thing right. I didn't know you could opt out of it, anyway. How do you do that, do you write a letter to the President saying your state is not going along with it? Didn't the South try that once?

Anything else?

Oh yea, Californication is on tonight. The highlight of my week.

That should do it, except for this: I saw Joni Mitchell perform in a little coffee house in Ann Arbor in 1968. After her second set, I went back stage to meet her. Fragile, beautiful, young and so appreciative of this college boy telling her how wonderful she was. That was the Joni Mitchell in the video, unequivocal talent and grace.

Who knows where the time goes?



Anonymous said...

any comments on nnvc lately?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Since I am an Obnoxious Northeasterner I feel it necessary to rub it in your face (gently though) about the whipping we PENN STATErs put on your good-old Michigan football team. That was a fantastic homcoming, 9 seasons in the making for that matter.

Now since I enjoy your advice and theory I won't be too mean. Just know somewhere in the dark crevices of the interweb there is a goofball-investor looking to mock your Big Ten offering.


-Obnoxous Northeastern Eric :)

Allan said...

Re: NNVC Patience, we are in a Super Cycle Bear Market, but when news does hit, it won't matter what the market is doing, NNVC will travel to tbe beat of it's own drummer;

Re: Gotta like Joe Paterno

Anonymous said...

Allan, are we entering a bull market for the USD in this deflationary environment? Do y0u have any info if Warren Buffet has unwinded his euro position already?
Thanks .

Allan said...

Re: US Dollar - the elliott structure of the US dollar makes no bones about a new bull market starting earlier this year and still in it's early stages. At his point the only way to trade it is to wait for a 3-wave pullback to enter with the next impulsive wave up. As for Warren Buffet's euro trade, who cares?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that massively biased and uninformed view of nothing remotely related to trading.

As for Hockey (I'm an Ice Hockey expert): The Detroit Red Wings got lucky and are going the way of the dinosaur (and Chrysler for that matter.) Write them off.

As for baseball: Who cares it is not a sport anyway. Why sit around for four hours to watch a bunch of steroid users spit on themselves?

As For Michigan Football: Do they have a team at all? If so, what is their mascot- a laid- off auto assembly worker hunched over and carrying a lunch pail?

Oh yes, and one more thing:


Enough said.

A reader from DC

Allan said...

Well Professor, all you needed to know to trade today was in line #3:

"The Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings remain the class of the NHL and I am expecting the market to make new lows this coming week."

....shorting at any point today was the profitable way to go.

Anonymous said...

Actually I work on telephone lines here in DC.

I'm not a professor of any kind, that is much too lofty and important of a position for me.

Now, if you are not getting a dial tone... then I can help you.

BUT I will note that shorting is the way to go....

I admit I missed that valuable nugget amongst all of the sports hype.

With NNVC at 66 cents and your shorting the market, your hedge fund must be getting its rear end kicked just like The Red Wings will next year. Correct?

A reader in DC

Allan said...

DC Cardinal Fan: Last time I looked (about an hour ago) my fund was up double digits for October, up by about by the same margin that S&P was down, including modest losses in NNVC.

Anonymous said...


I stand corrected. Your fund with double digit gains and the SPX with double digit losses.

I will write to you via private email about obtaining more information about investing in your hedge fund, is that the way to go?

I figure after today the SPX for the month is down 25% or so, if your fund is up 25% or so, I want in.

Do I have your permission to write to you privately about investing? I am an SEC accredited investor according to these rules :

This is what the gov't requires, right?

A 50% delta between your fund and the market in ONE MONTH is incredible.

I've made money off your site but noting like that.

Posting a double digit profit in the worst month since 1929 is one big deal.

That STILL does NOT mean I support the Red Wings, but my money is plenty good and green.

An Investor in DC

Anonymous said...


Have you ever Met "Duran Duran"?

Or read their autobiography "Notorious"

Joni Mitchell is a bit dated isn't she?

If music was not produced in the 1980's is it true rock?

John K. in DC