Monday, October 27, 2008

Learning to trade Elliott Waves

For the next couple of weeks (through November 10), Elliott Wave International is offering a DVD teaching set based on The Elliott Wave Principle and taught by Robert Prechter himself, for a discounted price of $39 (reduced from $129), when purchased through web sites of EWI Affiliates.

The offer is in an advertisement along the right side of this blog, or click here:  DVD Offer

I just ordered a copy for myself and based on prior works by Prechter, I can highly recommend this for anyone wanting to add Elliott Wave analysis to their trading  arsenal.  



Anonymous said...


What role does W.D. Gann play in your systems?

Do you use Advanced GET?

BTW, you and your online ad hedge fund performance are really ,albeit quietly, making a name for yourself up here on Wall Street.

You are truly one of the great traders of all time.

Phil, NYC

Allan said...

Re: Gann & Advanced GET - neither tool is part of my trading regimen

Iluha said...

I just ordered the set, thank you Allan!


Wayne said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Elliott doesn't work. Count how many times your preferred count worked as expected in real time. Take that 50-60% hit rate and compare it to flipping a coin.

IOW, If you say it is going higher but the market then goes lower, did Elliott work b/c it was the alternate count? Did Elliott work even though you lost money?

Allan said...

Elliott has been short for the last 3,000 DJI points and although I agree that it is only as good a tool as the person using it, nonetheless it has had some impressive wins over the years, much more so then pure chance would suggest.

shyamt said...

I trust you and your words. I just ordered the DVD to understand and learn more about the Elliott wave strategies.
thank you,

abot said...

Allan, have you given a thought to the possibility of that wave ended on oct 10 being the C wave or are you still convinced THE bog one is yet to come. Personally, I'm already fed up of the word crisis and bad news. What could happen that surprises us and scares us big time? I survived Roubini's conference and the vix almost hit 90, but we keep looking for the big fear.

abot said...

Your last post answers the question,