Monday, June 11, 2007


Neurochem is releasing data on their Alzheimer trials any time now, watch it. MDVN on similar news is up 25% today.



Greg Reiman said...


You are popping your head back in here so often, you might as well just get back to work here.

I'm starting to wonder if you don't actually miss us just a little bit too.

PS Tuesday before options expiration is supposed to be the most volatile day of the week, so lets hope for a good day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

thanks allan.

thanks for coming back. once again i am checking your site AFTER the close.

from the chart, as usual, it looks like this is either the last of the upside for a good while, or the beginning of the upside for a good while. the tricky part (for me, at least) is figuring out which. any tips on this one anyone?


Anonymous said...

Do you still have GNBT.
Went up today.

What is the top?

Anonymous said...

NRMX was my first day trade. A nice pop of about 6%. Thanks for this site A

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your insight. I followed on NNBP and am wondering if you have an outlook at this point if any.