Friday, June 01, 2007


Just popping back in briefly to point out very interesting price and volume patterns with old favorite, NNVC. These sort of patterns have led to good trading rallies in the past. Egghead idiots who question the science are not traders, they are arrogant, dangerous, articulate incompetents. The only thing that counts is profits, being right or wrong on the underlying science has no place in a trader's arsenal.



Anonymous said...

How does one know if he is an "egghead idiot"?

And, if he were, would he not be offended by such a remark?


Anonymous said...


what are these patterns specifically?

thank you


Anonymous said...

no they wouldn't be traders they would be investers and what a wonderful stock to invest in, so as a prudent investor isn't it wise to know the underlying sciences, or would you invest in something you know nothing about. going long long term and loving it.

Anonymous said...

Harris= Demi-God

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Allan Harris??.... YES! Allan Harris!


Paul D. Heydrich

Anonymous said...

Take it easy maddog.

Greg Reiman said...


Amazing isn't it that you say you are going away for a while and we are all still hanging out at your blog. Is it just out of habit or are we hoping against hope that you might poke you head in once in a while. We seem to wait at your table like a puppy for even just a crumb to fall for us.

Meanwhile, I have joined (subscription $699/yr) another very lively blog site, Phil's Stock World, where some very active options traders hang out all day, with their fearless leader, Phil. I know it sounds dorky, but it is the furthest thing from it. Phil and his core group comment in real time what they are trading all day long at a very fast pace, and their track record is amazing. They even answer questions from schmucks like me. Allan and all you would really like this site even just for trading ideas. Here is the web site:

Not that I don't miss you A!