Monday, September 12, 2005

Avian ("Bird") Flu Picks

Starting a Buy & Hold basket of Avian flu picks, smallish biotechs that serve up a high degree of risk/reward should a worst case scenario on this infectious disease begin to take hold. If time permits, I will get around to my reasons, but for now, let's just set out the symbols and go from there:

AVII 2.25
BCRX 8.60
NNVC 0.09
NVAX 1.49


Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the company who is actually supplying the avian flu vaccine
Roche pharma (ROG.VX). everyone is getting stockpiles of their legitimate drug. Unfortunately its a pricey stock.

Allan said...

SVA is another one that should be added to the basket, along with Roche. But in terms of the greatest leverage should this turn into an investment opportunity, NNVC still heads my list.