Thursday, December 02, 2004


Allan, why are you doing this?

I've been posting on the Internet since the old Prodigy "Hypotheticals" thread, circa 1990. While it's ego satisfying to publish one's thoughts, I don't like to argue with people, especially strangers on the Internet. So this way I get the best of both worlds, publishing, but without accountability.

Is there a regular schedule for your blog?

Yes, whenever I feel like it.

Are the stocks you mention worth buying?

I thought so at the time. But if you're thinking about trading them, remember, I already bought in and usually at much lower prices. In fact, I might be selling out soon after mentioning a stock, or, as in the case of ELAB, trading in and out of a partial position and holding onto a partial position for an extended time.

Say what?

I'm trading full time and what I post here is but a small part of my trading activities. I think one of my purposes is to show that it can be done, to inspire others who may want to try full time trading as a vocation. Somewhere along the line, enough of this may make enough sense to you to give it a try, maybe not exactly the way I do it, but along your own path. Like I said, it can be done.

Buying anyting today?



ilene said...

Hi, Allan, to add to your blog: we just got an insider buy signal for cris (a biotech) which I think is still buyable since I bought some at 4.48. Vicl isn't working out so well for me, you can buy it now much cheaper. Don't bother responding.

Allan said...

No bother at all, Ilene. CRIS was a Director buying $248K worth of stock. VICL was the CEO, but he only bought $4K worth of stock, which he seems to do on a regular monthly schedule. So it's not surprising that CRIS popped, VICL didn't. Nonetheless, these Biotechs seem to act well if enought stock is involved and/or there are multiple officers/directors purchasing shares in the open market. Keep them coming, I want a 42 inch Sony LCD HD television ASAP.

ilene said...

"No bother at all,"

I was afraid if I didn't say "don't bother" you would. But seriously, I was bored re. buying vicl. Thanks. - Ilene

ilene said...

p.s. another biotech with a few small insider buys lately is nexm, which I'm just holding on to as the buys don't move it enough for day-trading, too small probably.