Friday, December 10, 2004

Biotechs, Part III

I've added Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTP) to my position trade portfolio this morning at $2.60 a share. TTP is down about 50% from it's highs this year, so there may be some tax-loss selling here and is down from it's all time high of $65.30 in September, 2000.

has $1.34 a share in cash, no debt, and an impressive pipeline of drug candidates in various phases of development. At $2.60 a share, it, like the other biotechs mentioned in these blogs, has both short-term double digit appreciation potential as well as longer term home run potential. Thus, TTP joins my biotechnology list.

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ilene said...

Here's a few more biotechs to check out: telk (from yesterday), xnva, prcs, bpa, svnt, nexm, npsp, ardm, snus, xoma, dsco (even though the latest data wasn't very meaningful). With some exceptions, most of these are fairly close to yearly lows.