Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday wrap-up

Chalk Monday up as another good day, with about a dozen new day-trades. Plus the position trade in TINY (Friday afternoon's blog) was up about 5% on the day. Still holding TINY, if for no other reason then it's a great name for a company.

If you, like me, are just a little tired of the bearish prose littering the Internet stock forums, may I suggest you pick up a copy of Harry S. Dent's, "The Next Great Bubble Boom." The author suggests that the stock mania of the 1990's was just a prelude to the real bubble, directly ahead of us and should last the rest of this decade. Right or wrong, it's a refreshing overview of what could go right in the next few years. Why not?


Greg Reiman said...

Hi Allan:

Great day today! My portfolio was up 4.53%. Unfortunately I am still fully invested and what goes up often comes down. I need to learn to day trade like today and still go flat before calling it a day.


Allan said...

Greg, not a bad first step, computing daily gains. But its only meaningful if you're trading, not if your a buy and holder; passive versus aggressive. Your choice.