Friday, November 26, 2004


This morning I'm coming to you from high atop the Delta Crown Room at the Orlando Airport. I am amazed that an airport as large and lucrative as this has NO HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTIONS! So I have one computer on the Sprint PCS wireless card and one on a dial-up line. The Crown Room is nice, worth the price of admission just to use the bathrooms. How can airports stay so filthy? Everywhere I look is a maintanence person pushing a cleaning cart, yet, these places remain disgusting. Maybe it's just a big ploy to get you to join these high flyer clubs, clean, comfortable, open bar. Works for me.

Oh, yes, the market. Only play today so far has been SIRI, bought the open, sitting on about a 3% gain, have 20 cent trailing stop in at just above b/e. When I finish this blog, I'll sample their Manhattens. Still 90 minutes until my flight.

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